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You as The Living Proof of Astrology

Is astrology fortune telling or is it a science?

If you ask me…

The mysteries regarding the creation and inner mechanism of man is contained within the science of astrology.

Hence Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi says, “Everything that transpires on earth and within the heavens is subject to the effects of the constellations (burj)”. 

Those who were aware of these energetic effects but were not able to see their place and role within the divine order, from a comprehensive and holistic perspective, deified the moon, the sun and other stars in the past. Thus, in time it was classified blasphemous and discouraged.

Whatever the role of rain, wind and food has within the divine order, it is the same with the constellations and the rays they permeate. They too fulfill the purpose for which they have been created; therefore, the energies they diffuse are also a part of and subject to the divine law and order, formed by divine power.

Just like we don’t deify and worship food or water for nourishing our bodies, so too the stars and planets can’t be deified for supplementing our brains with certain energies by order of the divine. Yet there are many today who are still deifying and worshipping the son of the Sun and even carrying its flag!

I challenge you to try it on yourself!

If you want proof of the validity of astrology, apply it on yourself.

For this you need to know three things:

  1. Your full date of birth
  2. Your exact time of birth          
  3. Your place of birth      

Once you have this information you can generate your personalized astrology (natal) chart or simply find your ascendant from just about any astrology book or site. You will see that 40-50% of your characteristics are represented by your sun sign and about 50-60% by your rising sign. As for your emotional make-up read about your Moon sign.      

If you don’t know your birth information try it on a friend. You will see how accurate the information is.

I personally have applied it on many people to verify its accuracy over and over again. I hope that you will also test it and see how perfectly the divine order works.

In following chapters, you will see how closely related this topic is to how the brain works. So, I urge you to understand this part really well. It is possible to identify about 90% of a person’s characteristics by experienced proficient astrologists just by examining their natal chart.

In the past they used a reference book called the “Ephemeris” (precise information of the degrees and signs of each planet at a given point in time) and “Dalton’s tables of houses” (the degrees or aspects the planets make to your brain at a given point in time) to determine one’s natal chart. Today you don’t need to manually calculate your chart as many astrology software and sites automatically generate it. 

Consequently, once you have this information, you essentially have the map of your fate. 

Whether this fate is alterable or not and if so, how - all of this I will explain in the chapter about fate. 

So, once you have a natal astrology chart, the chart of the brain, you can see which planet falls into which sign and house and the aspects they make with each other to determine a significant amount of information regarding that person, such as their skills, potentials, temperament, characteristic, motivation etc. without even seeing them. However, I’d like to stress the importance of the accuracy of the birth information for this chart to be correct.

You may wonder if this is an assertion of knowing the “unknown”?

Let’s say you read about the technical specifications of a particular car, its engine rpm, horsepower, cylinders, torque, etc. and you came across someone who owned that car and told them about its specs, is this knowing the “unknown”? Obviously not.

What I mean is, if you know which characteristics and attributes are formed when a particular planet is in a particular sign and house, then you can pretty much know the attributes of a person who was born when that planet was in that sign. This is not knowing the ‘unknown’, it is a branch of science among the many sciences of the divine system.

So, what can this science contribute to us?

Is it necessary to be acquainted with it?

What kind of benefits can it provide us?

Let me put it this way…

Once you see the validity of astrology based on your own experiences you will inevitably want to know the answers to certain questions, if you are of those who contemplate!

If all of your innumerous qualities and attributes have already been predetermined at birth without you having any say, then who is the ‘self’? What do you have a say in? What and how much of anything is under your control? Why do you exist? Can you change your ‘self’? How much? How? 

Let us now explore astrology a little further before we come back to our main topic.

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