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Translator’s Preface

The Human Enigma is probably the most comprehensive book, in all aspects, on the mysterious and profound make-up of man and his perpetual journey. From the formation of the brain and the illusory ‘compositional’ identity, to the zodiacal signs and their effects on mankind, from fate and purpose, to the stages and conditions of Doomsday and the infinite afterlife, from the science behind the pillars of Islam and the recommended practices, to the Absolute Oneness and Unity of existence, nothing is left unexplained. 


Given the biggest cause of religious misunderstanding and divergence is the failure to correctly decode the metaphoric and symbolic language used in religious scriptures, Ahmed Hulusi sheds invaluable light to this ambiguity with the lamp of science, bringing immense clarity to the confused intellectual, leaving no questions unanswered.


It’s an enormous advantage to have access to this perspective as for many years the biggest fallout for the modern man has been the seemingly contradictory or unreasonable claims made by religious teachings. The Human Enigma deciphers and elucidates this vagueness and dubiety with so much depth and detail, that ultimately the enigma is transformed to plain truth. 


This is a book on the human truth. 


If you’ve been questioning, wondering and seeking the truth of your existence, and like Rumi ‘wanting to know reasons’ then you’re at the right door:


“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door.

It opens…

I’ve been knocking from the inside.”





Enjoy the journey to your Self, from your self…




14 July 2021


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