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“The Part Mirrors The Whole”

The abode we call existence has not lost or parted from its original qualities. Evert iota of this existence still carries all of the qualities and attributes of its original form. 

Yet the one who looks cannot see this and so the illusion of many separate forms of existence comes about! 

Even though all of the qualities within the essence of existence is present in every form, one cannot see this due to the limitations of his compositional make-up, for example the five senses. Due to his own incapacity, that is, because he isn’t able to activate and express the potential qualities that are also inherent within his being, he can’t see it on other forms either. Hence, he cannot observe the oneness of existence.

When one is dependent on the limited sensory perception tools like the five senses one cannot see the oneness of existence and delusively assumes there are many separate forms of existence. Yet he claims, “There is ONE existence beyond the MANY forms!” and thereby he invents a “god”!

In order to prevent this misconception of a god beyond all the many multiple forms of existence the concept of UNITY was elucidated.

The ONE or ONENESS exists in every point of existence, and therefore the invitation is to “know existence” rather than to deify or externalize it as a “deity”. It is a call to become conscious of your existence and to be aware of the consequences of your actions!

The religion of Islam is based on the principles of unity and oneness.

So, observe existence in this light, with the awareness that every situation you encounter is nothing other than the manifestation of the divine names and their meanings, never forgetting however, that it is bound to the compositional structure from which it is expressed!

Then you will never question, “Why is this so?” yet you may recommend and advise on how it should be so…

To come to this point of observation you need the light of Islam and religion. Once you really understand the truth of religion you will never apotheosize, idolize or deify again! 

You will simply fulfill your servitude. 

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