The Third Edition

I had covered topics in this book that are not generally discussed openly or easily found in books. Besides those who refused it based solely on their conditionings and with no proof of contrary claims, there was an enormous demand and interest in this book, which I based on the Quran and Hadith. All success is from Allah.

I want to take the opportunity in this third reprint to answer some frequently asked questions:

1.  I’m not after any personal fame or success, this is why I don’t write my surname but only my first name in my books.

Allah willing, I will continue to share my knowledge via books in the future.

2.  I don’t approve using the knowledge of Allah for worldly material gain.

This knowledge cannot be copyrighted in my opinion as it is universal knowledge. Also, according to an authentic Hadith in Bukhari, someone taught another person how to read the Quran and in return was given a bow as a gift. When the Rasul of Allah (saw) heard of this he said if you accept this gift it will be a bow of fire in the hereafter and be hung on your neck as a necklace.”

Based on this, I believe religious knowledge should be shared unrequitedly. 

Hence, as long as they remain loyal to its original, anyone can print, publish and sell any and all my books.

3.  I don’t have much to say to the grudging skeptical ones who refuse the truth that the Sun will engulf the earth and the earth will evaporate in its heat, simply because they’ve never heard this before, even though it is narrated in hadith. 

The verse that talks about the light of the sun becoming extinguished is in reference to a later stage when the sun will become a neutron star. 

Let us remember these are not events that will transpire in a single day; it will take millions of years. According to Hadith, the “sirat” (bridge), the time when the spirits will escape the world alone is said to last a journey of three thousand years.

4.  The most misunderstood and unfathomed truth is the reality of FATE! Here I present all the verses and Hadith, if after this you still can’t comprehend the truth I have nothing further to say.


Ahmed Hulusi

20. 5. 1988


3 / 75

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