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My Understanding of Islam

What did Muhammad (saw), the most magnificent brain to have ever manifested on earth and the most sublime spirit to have embarked on the journey of eternity, grant us?

How much of the truths he shared in consideration of the understanding of the age in which he lived, are properly understood and duly evaluated by modern man?

How much of the Quran, which comprises offers and advice that are valid and applicable until the doomsday of humanity, and knowledge that can provide eternal bliss, is duly evaluated by mankind?

As I feel some of my explanations are misinterpreted I want to recap my understanding of Islam:

The teachings of Islam and Muhammad (saw) are understood in either two ways. The general conception is that of a deity-god in space or somewhere far beyond, whom the Muslims call ‘Allah’.

This god has created two places in an unknown place called heaven and hell. First, in heaven, he made the shape of a human from soil and then blew his spirit into it, thus creating the first man. Then he sent him down to earth. In time as the population of humans increased he started choosing and delegating prophets on earth as couriers and sent books to them with his angel Gabriel...

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09:04 On the other hand, the understanding of Hadhrat Ali (ra), Abu Bakr (ra) and other enlightened beings with an in-depth acquisition of Islam, who have deciphered the metaphors contained in the Quran, have a totally different take on things.

11:24 Everything that is perceived or not perceived, known or unknown, are the ‘forms of knowledge’ referenced by the qualities of the names in that single point.

13:02 The concepts of relativity and multiplicity are formed as a result of the different compositions of the names of Allah within that point.

15:11 Since every form within the universe is composed of this conscious energy, nothing is inanimate or unconscious in existence! It is only due to the limits of perception that some things are conceived as unconscious or inanimate.

18:48 Many words in the Quran have been mistranslated causing religion to be misconceived as something primitive, pushing many intelligent people away. The time has come to re-question and re-examine these misconceptions!

23:32 Death is the name given to the transition one makes from living with a biological body to living with the spirit body.

25:02 The Quran he disclosed comprises the absolute truth! Based on these truths, mankind is going to exist in another dimension after life on earth, where each person is going to see and live the consequences of his actions on earth, either in suffering or in bliss.

26:35 The biggest miracle of the One whose name is Allah according to my understanding is the brain. 

27:33 Man is the servant of Allah who experiences the results of his database, created by Allah, at every instance! Everyone will inevitably live the consequences of his actions. 

28:42 In short, those who don’t evaluate the magnificent brain and spirit who taught us about the One whose name is Allah, whatever his excuse may be, will suffer the consequences forever.

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