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Experiencing The Essence of Prayer

I don’t understand... I disclose things that haven’t been told before they say “we never heard such things, where are you making these up from?”

I explain things that have been told before they say “you’re just repeating stuff from the past” What should I do?

Either I’m going to share things that haven’t been told before or that have been...

As I research, explore, and investigate... I discover, understand and extract knowledge, and I share this with people.. but they say “we’ve never heard of such things, where are you making this stuff up from?”

I don’t want anything from anyone. All I’m saying is, here, take this information and try to understand it. Still they criticize, still they bicker on.. Let them.. there’s nothing I can do.

I have come close to the end of my life all I plan to do before I leave is to share what I know while I have the chance. I don't care what people say or think.

Now... there is an awfully misunderstood topic that has to be addressed:

Faith does not accept imitation. Faith is not for monkeys. The proposal to believe was not made to monkeys. There is an interesting verse in the Quran that says:

“We morphed the unbelievers into monkeys”

When I read this in my youth I used to wonder: “Did such tribes really exist??? How did they turn into monkeys???”

Back then of course I used to take things very literally incognizant of the metaphors and allegories...

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02:48 So people who don't contemplate on why they do what they do, who don't inquire or investigate, are like monkeys, they merely imitate others!

05:18 Rasulallah (SAW) once saw a man praying in the mosque the man was prostrating, standing, saying “Allahuakbar” then prostrating again. Rasulallah told the man: “You have not prostrated!” One cannot prostrate like the pecking of a hen!

08:10 So I stand here now to consciously feel and experience this reality when you say “Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen”.

10:08 Everything in manifestation, the whole of creation is formed by these essences... To say “Alhamdu lillahi Rabbil alameen” is to feel, to observe and experience the truth that the whole of existence has been formed with the qualities of your Sustainer (your essence, your being).

12:50 Maliki Yawm ad-deen, means the “day of judgment” is actually every instant that Allah’s system and order, or sunnatullah, is valid and operative the sovereign commander of every manifestation at every moment, every formation and creation.

15:37 “wa iyyaka nastaeen” i.e. “and we seek your help to pursue this service” So if the names we talk about in reference to the level of Rububiyah were not expressed, the higher levels of servitude could not come about and all formations will terminate.

18:43 “Gayril madhubi alayhim waladdhaaleen”: Protect us from those who have procured your wrath, that is, those who are deprived of realizing and experiencing the reality of their essence, who think they are composed of only the body, who are deprived of connecting to their innermost Sustainer.

22:31 “subhana rabbi al azim” generally conceived as supplicating to a Sustainer who is Azim (Great) meaning “my Sustainer is Azim (Great) and Subhan (Glorious)”... 

25:19 If you fail to contemplate on the meaning of the verses you recite If you don’t feel their reality within your very being, how can this prayer be valid?

28:12 Prostration is the expression of the following: O Allah, In respect to your existence, I am nonexistent. I consist of nothing more than a name given to the manifestation of your qualities.

31:02 In prostration, you renounce yourself and feel your nothingness. You declare the existence of your Sustainer. You say “I am not, only you are” Then you sit up and read the prayer Muhammad SAW read...

32:48 This is how the prescribed five daily prayers, mentioned as “salat” in the Quran should be experienced according to my understanding… 

34:28 If we fail to live at this consciousness, then our faith is invalid. Faith isn’t about repeating certain mystical words, sentences, tales or laws and regulations...

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