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Pilgrimage (Hajj)


Today’s topic is Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) which is explained as the 5th of the five pillars of Islam.

I don’t know why, but when it comes to Hajj, some people get irritated. Hajj? Will we go there to help those Arab people make money!!?? Will we go there ,and those Arabic people will earn more because we will spend money in their country ??!! What is it?

Excuse me, but I want to ask you something. When it comes to your health; for treatment purpose, you go somewhere like Germany, the US or France and that doesn’t mean helping those unbelievers make money!!!

Hajj is a significant pinpoint for people in order to gain eternal life; however when it comes to Hajj, it means helping others increase their wealth!!!

If Allah’s Rasul, -NabiAllah, who has read and known the system, internalized SunnetAllah, in this system ,what an individual will gain in return of certain deeds and his eternal life will reflect whatever he gains.

On the other hand, his eternal life will reflect whatever he neglects. Declared  Rasul Allah,  who  read the whole system and informed us. Since He significantly advises Hajj, Do we understand this as helping those Arabic people make money?

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02:18 Hajj duty is an individual’s personal matter. Fulfilling one of these is compulsory.

03:55 According to Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him), all the negative load of a soul called sin will be wiped away and the soul will go back to a state as pure as a new born. Even Rasul of Allah adds and says: ‘If someone is suspicious about whether his sins are forgiven, he would be the greatest sinner on earth.’

06:02 The third significant aspect is, Umrah is the compensation for the sins at the period between itself and the following Umrah. There is no other reward of Hajj Mabrur (Through Hajj to become free of the self) other than Jannah (Heaven). Muslim.

08:25 Allah’s Rasul: ‘When the satan (iblis) knew that Allah honored my prayer and forgave my community, it started to pour soil over its head and yelled 'I’m exhausted, I’m ruined'. ‘It’s patience, annoyed that I see, makes me smile’ says a hadith from Ibn Maja.

11:15 I want to attract your attention to a significant point. It’s just for us to use positive or negative terms for those channels. We say positive if the energy is beneficial for use and if it is harmful, then we say negative. Yet those waves don’t have any difference like being positive or negative.

12:58 Just like this, the most important center, which works like a power plant as the positive energy lines inside the Earth’s body intersects at the bottom of ‘Kabaa the Magnificent’ in Kabaa and its extension is under Mountain Arafat.

15:38 Anyway, let's pass this part. Another disclosure of this energy center underneath Beytallah, or this light, is this: Some changes could be seen in people who came and visited Kabaa, by their friends, in just a few days. Some of them started to be quite ill tempered, abrupt, selfish and dominating. 

18:13 Are you a lady not veiling your hair? That's OK. When you feel like it, don't you cover your head and perform ablution to perform salat? After that, when you're done, do you uncover your hair and go on your life? Yes. Then perform Hajj like that, perform Umrah like that. It doesn't matter that you live without veiling your hair.

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