Greetings... May your life unfold with the consciousness of your true essence. I am very happy to share these moments with you once again, and I would like to take a moment to convey a topic of utmost importance.

The topic is one of the realities of life which is inexorable and will be experienced by absolutely every human being.

Death is a reality that will be savored and tasted by each and every one of us, though it need not be feared. In fact we can enjoy its discovery.

Death is explained in the Quran as something to be savored or tasted...

We use the words savor and or taste knowingly as they describe, pleasant, blissful or delectable realities. The Quran, apprised by Hz. Muhammad RasulAllah explained that every soul will taste of death.

So tonight, we will discuss the meaning of this tasteful, fine subject.

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01:32 For even though death will be tasted, life will not disappear, it will go on. Unfortunately, the concept of death is misunderstood.

03:03 Consequently, the body will lose its electromagnetism which enables it to attach itself to the soul. In this way the soul will transit to a free existence, independent of the physical body. This is the explanation of death.

06:23 Surprised, Hz. Omar asks: "Hz. RasulAllah; are you not speaking with the deceased, the dead?" Hz. RasulAllah: "I swear that you do not hear me better than the deceased" As in Hadiths of Buhari, it is clear that, Hz. RasulAllah has corrected a grave misunderstanding.

08:25 Hz.RasulAllah says: "the grave is either one of the pits of Hell fire, or a garden out of the gardens of Paradise."

10:12 During a talk with RasulAllah about two angels known as Munker and Nakir who examine people in their graves, Hz. Omar asked: "Oh RasulAllah! Are we going to be conscious in the grave?" "Of course. The same as you are now!"

12:56 This new dimension will appear to be very bright, radiant, fascinating and dazzling. He will encounter beings which he has never seen before, and these beings species will try to persuade him of the nonexistence of a creator by affirming the existence of each and every being in autonomy.

15:32 With the arrival of antichrist those who are still alive and living in the belief of a God head will have no choice but to follow the antichrist.

17:39 Hasib refers to the power of questioning inherent within your essence. This mechanism will dawn the questions: "Who is your Sustainer (Rabb)"...

19:22 It is for this reason that you must understand that life is not limited to your current physical body existence.

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