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And of the people are some who say, “We believe in Allah in accord with the meaning of the letter B (with the belief that the Names of Allah comprise their being) and the life to come (that they will forever live the consequences of their deeds)” but, in fact, their faith is not in line with this reality! (2.Al-Baqarah: 8)

Vision (sense perception) perceives Him not but He perceives (evaluates) all that is visible. HU is al-Latif, al-Habir. (6.Al-An'am: 103)

Ahmed Hulusi

Who is Ahmed Hulusi?

Ahmed Hulusi, born in Istanbul 1945, is currently the most comprehensive author of Islamic philosophy in Turkey. He has written more than thirty books since 1965 without any material gain from copyright.

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Materialistic philosophy has gone bankrupt but the atheists and the materialistic Muslims are still not aware.

- Ahmed Hulusi

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