Ahmed Hulusi is a Muhammadan

I am a "Muhammadan"...

Namely, there are two main reasons why human beings exist in this world:

1. To evaluate and prepare the biological brain in the best possible manner for the conditions of the various dimensions in the life hereafter, which lasts until eternity.

2. To recognise the nature of the Self (Nafs) and know his Sustainer (Rabb) in order to attain the truth of ALLAH.

I feel that I have given extensive information concerning the first clause in our previous publications and therefore from now onwards, I shall try to explain other subjects concerning the 'spiritual life' of the human being, which I intend publishing in two other separate books in the near future.

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02:17 Whoever ascribes us with a title such as a spiritual master (Mursheed) or a religious mentor (Sheikh), or a teacher (Hodja), or a spiritual leader or by any other personality, this is because that person's imagination tricks him and and therefore he assumes to think in this way.

04:38 You were not born into this world for the sake of finding out what the others do or do not do, and you were not born to judge every individual either!

06:02 SAY: "I seek refuge with the Sustainer of men, "the Sovereign of men, "the God of men... "from all invisible forces as well as men." [114. An-Nas: 1,2,6]

07:57 ALLAH in every direction they turn to. In fact, this is a very unfortunate situation for anybody and therefore they need to seek. For this reason, Sufism is the most precious subject to learn!


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