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6 - Al-An'am

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Hamd (the evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills) belongs to Allah, who has created the heavens and the earth, and formed the darkness (ignorance) and Nur (knowledge)... Those who incessantly deny the reality, equate (their illusory external gods) to their Rabb (the dimension of Names within their essence, and hence they live in duality)!

  2. It is HU who has created you from water and clay, and decreed a span (specified time of bodily life)... The specified term of life is from Him... After all of this, you still have doubt.

  3. Allah is HU, in the heavens and on earth... He knows what is in your essence and what you reveal! He knows what you are earning (with your deeds)!

  4. No sign (revealed or apparent) from their Rabb comes to them, but they turn away from it!

  5. And now they deny what has come to them in Truth! But the news of what they ridicule is going to reach them soon.

  6. Did they not see how many generations We have destroyed before them... (Moreover) unlike you, We had established them upon the abundant regions of the earth, and sent the blessings of the heavens upon them and made the rivers flow beneath them... (Nevertheless) We destroyed them because of their faults! And after them, We brought forth another generation.

  7. If We had sent down a (written) scripture to you, and they had touched it with their hands, the deniers of the knowledge of the reality would surely have said, “This is none other than obvious magic.”

  8. They said, “An angel (that we can see) should have been sent down”... But if We had revealed an angel as such, the matter would have ended; no further time would have been given to them.

  9. If We had made Him (the Rasul of Allah saw) an angel (for you to see) We would still have made him in the form of a man to make them fall into the same doubt-dilemma that they are in now (whereupon they would have said, “he is just a man like us”).

  10. Indeed, many of Our Rasuls were also mocked before you! But those who mocked were enveloped by their own mockery!

  11. Say, “Travel through the earth and see the end of the deniers (of the reality).”

  12. Say, “To whom belongs the things in the heavens and the earth (forms which have come from a state of nothingness into ‘relative’ existence in order to manifest the meanings of the Names)?” Say, “To Allah!” He has decreed His Grace (the creation of the worlds based on His Rahman quality) upon His Self. He will surely gather you in the period of Doomsday, about which there is no doubt! Those who have put themselves in loss will not believe!

  13. Whatever is in the night and the day is for Him! HU is the Sami, the Aleem.

  14. Say, “Shall I befriend (by imagining one) other than Allah, the creator (and programmer of all things according to their specific functions) of the heavens and the earth, who provides to maintain and subsist their existence, but who is Himself not in need of anything?”... Say, “I have been commanded to be the first of those who submit to Allah” and do not ever be of the dualists!

  15. Say, “Indeed, if I disobey my Rabb, I fear the suffering of the mighty Day (period)!”

  16. He from whom (suffering) is averted in that time, has definitely been blessed with Allah’s grace! That is the clear liberation!

  17. If Allah subjects you to adversity, there is no one to remove it other than HU (in your essence)... And if Allah subjects you to good, the endower of good is also HU, the One who is Qadir over all things.

  18. It is HU who is the subjugator over his servants (HU discloses Himself from within the depths of His manifestations to rule over His existence)! HU is the Hakim, the Habir.

  19. Say, “What thing is greater in evidence?”... Say, “Allah is witness between me and you... This Quran was revealed to me so that I may warn you and whomever it reaches... Do you really testify that there are other gods besides Allah?”... Say, “I will not testify (to this)”... Say, “Uluhiyyah is ONE and indeed, I am free of your associations.”

  20. Those to whom We have given the knowledge of the reality know him (Muhammad saw) just like they know their own sons... Those who have lost their selves, they are not of the believers.

  21. Who does more wrong than he who lies about Allah or His existence in His signs (the manifestations of His Names)? Most certainly, the wrongdoers (dualists) will not attain liberty.

  22. The time when we gather them all together and ask the dualists, “Where are the partners you assumed existed besides Him now?”...

  23. They can cause no more provocation other than saying, “By Allah, our Rabb, we were not of the dualists”!

  24. Look at how they lie against their own selves and how the things they made up (deified in their imagination) have deserted them now.

  25. And among them are some who hear you... But We have placed veils over their hearts (consciousness) and heaviness in their ears (comprehension) so they cannot perceive Him! No matter how many proofs they see, they will still not believe... Moreover, when the deniers of the reality who argue with you come to you, they will say, “This is nothing other than fairytales of the past.”

  26. They both prevent (others) from Him (the Rasul of Allah saw) and distance (themselves) from Him! They are only destroying their own selves, yet they can not perceive!

  27. If you could but see when they are confronted with the fire (suffering) how they will say ‘Oh, if only we can go back (to our biological life on earth; as biological life is required to activate the forces within the brain) and not deny the signs of our Rabb (our intrinsic divine qualities and potential deriving from the Names that comprise our essential reality) and be among the believers’.

  28. But that which they concealed before (the knowledge of the reality with which they had been endowed) has now become apparent to them. And even if they were returned they would return to the things from which they had been forbidden, they are liars indeed.

  29. And they say, “There is none but our worldly life! Our lives will not continue (we will not be resurrected)!”

  30. If you could but see when they will be made to stand before their Rabb (when they recognize and become aware of the potentials of the Names within their own reality). He will say, “Is this not the reality?” They will say, “Yes, it is our Rabb.” He will then say, “So now taste the agony as the consequence of denying the knowledge of the reality.”

  31. Indeed, those who denied reuniting with Allah (the awareness of the truth that the essence of their being is comprised of the Names) have become losers! When finally that hour (the time to experience death) suddenly came upon them, bearing their burdens on their backs, they said, “Woe unto us, for the practices we neglected and the deprivation we fell into thereby!” Be careful, wretched is (the responsibility) they bear!

  32. The life of your world (the lowest of the low; the world of conditionings) is nothing but amusement and entertainment! The eternal life to come is surely better for the protected ones... Will you still not use your reason?

  33. We know what they say saddens you... But the truth is, those wrongdoers do not deny you, they deliberately deny the existence of Allah in His signs (the manifestations of His Names)!

  34. And certainly Rasuls were also denied before you... But they endured their denial and torments until Our help came to them... And none can alter the words of Allah... Certainly, there has come to you some of what was revealed (to previous Rasuls).

  35. If you find their rejection hard to bear then seek a tunnel into the ground or a ladder into the sky, if you can, and bring them a miracle (so they believe)! Had Allah willed, He would have surely assembled them around the truth... So beware; don’t be ignorant!

  36. Only those who can perceive will respond (to the invitation)! As for the dead (those who are devoid of knowledge), Allah will resurrect them (enable them to realize their reality after they experience death) and to Him they will be returned.

  37. They said, “Why doesn’t he (the Rasul) reveal a sign from His Rabb!”... Say, “Allah is certainly Qadir to reveal a miracle... But most of them do not know.”

  38. “And there is no animate creature on (or within) the earth or bird that flies with two wings (knowledge and power) except (that they are) communities (formed with an order based on a specific system) like you! We have not neglected a single thing in the ‘READ’able (Book) of the created existence!...” They shall all be gathered unto their Rabb.

  39. Those who deny Our signs are the deaf (those who are unable to perceive their reality) and the dumb (those who are unable to acknowledge and admit the Truth) within darkness. Allah will lead astray whom He wills and keep whom He wills on the straight path!

  40. Say, “Are you conscious of your state? If the wrath of Allah or that hour (promised event) comes to you, will you call upon one other than Allah? (Admit it) if you are truthful.”

  41. No, it is Him alone that you would call upon... And if He wills, He will reveal the truth of that which you call upon, and you will forget the things that you associate with Him!

  42. Indeed, We have disclosed (Rasuls) to communities before you... And afflicted them with suffering and ailments so they may humble themselves and pray.

  43. If only they had humbled themselves when Our wrath came to them! But their hearts hardened (their consciousness was locked) and Satan (their delusion) beautified their deeds to them.

  44. When they forgot that which they had been reminded of (that they were created for Allah) We opened the doors of every (good worldly) thing to them... As they were rejoicing with what they were given, We seized them at once! Suddenly they lost all their hope and were left in despair!

  45. Hence, the people who wronged (themselves) were eliminated! Hamd (the evaluation of the corporeal worlds created with His Names, as He wills) belongs to Allah!

  46. Say, “Reflect, if Allah was to take away your sense of hearing (perception) and sight, and lock your hearts (consciousness), is there a god besides Allah that can give it back to you?” Look how We explain the signs in various ways, yet (despite this) they still turn away.

  47. Say, “Have you ever considered if Allah’s wrath was to come suddenly or openly, will any be destroyed other than the wrongdoers?”

  48. We disclose the Rasuls only as bringers of glad tidings and as warners... So, whoever believes and reforms (their way) they will have no fear, nor will they grieve.

  49. As for those who deny the realities of Our signs (the manifestations of the Names), they will taste suffering because of their corrupted beliefs!

  50. Say, “I am not telling you I possess the keys to Allah’s treasury... I do not know the unknown! Nor am I claiming to be an angel... I only follow what is revealed to me”... Say, “Can the blind and the seeing be equal? Do you still not reflect?”

  51. And warn those who fear being gathered unto their Rabb (about what the Names in their essence will enforce upon them)... There is neither a Waliyy nor an intercessor for them other than He... Perhaps they will protect themselves.

  52. Do not distance from yourself those who pray to their Rabb morning and evening seeking the face of (that which pertains to) HU... Neither you will be held responsible of the consequences of their deeds nor will they be held responsible for yours, so you do not need to distance them... (if you do this) you will have done wrong.

  53. Hence we tried some with others, so they say, “Did Allah bestow upon these (needy ones with little income)?”... Does Allah not know best those who appreciate?

  54. When those who believe in Our signs (the manifestations of Our Names) come to you, say to them, “Assalamu alaikum... Your Rabb has inscribed grace upon Himself! Whoever among you does wrong, then repents and corrects (his way), indeed, Allah is the Ghafur, the Rahim.”

  55. Thus We explain the signs so that the path of the faulty may become evident.

  56. Say, “Indeed I have been forbidden to worship the deities you have taken besides Allah!”... Say, “I will never follow your empty fantasies! For then I will surely become corrupted and deviate from the way of the guided ones; those who realize their essential reality.”

  57. Say, “I am surely upon a clear sign from my Rabb, the truth which you have denied! What you seek to hasten (death) is not within my power... The judgment is for Allah alone! He informs of the Truth! He is the best distinguisher (of right and wrong).”

  58. Say, “If that which you seek to hasten was within my power, this matter between us would have ended long ago!”... Allah knows best the wrongdoers.

  59. The keys (knowledge) of the unknown (that which is unperceivable to you) are with HU! None knows them but HU”! He knows all things contained on land (manifest – perceivable) and in sea (the depths – knowledge)... No leaf falls without His knowledge (for all things are a manifestation of the Names of HU)... There is neither a single grain in the darkness of the earth, nor anything wet or dry, that is not recorded in a clear book (the book of the universe).

  60. It is Him who makes you experience death (life without the awareness of the biological body) in the night (‘Sleep is the brother of death’ – Hadith) and knows what you do in the day... Then revives you in the day until a specified lifespan is fulfilled... Then you will be returned to Him... Then He will inform you of what you do (enable you to evaluate your life in terms of its essence).

  61. HU is the subjugator over His servants (by means of disclosure from His multi-dimensional depths)! He reveals unto you protective (forces)... When finally the time of death comes to one of you, our Rasuls (forces, delegates) cause him to die! And they will not be late!

  62. Then they will be returned unto Allah, their true protector... Know with certainty that the judgment is His, and He is the swiftest in taking account.

  63. Say, “Who will save you when you humble yourselves and pray earnestly, ‘If you save us from the darkness of the earth and the sea we will surely be of the thankful’?”

  64. Say, “Allah will save you from that and from every distress... Yet you still associate others with Him!”

  65. Say, “He has the power to disclose an affliction to you from above you (the sky – internal) or from beneath your feet (within the earth – external) or to fragment you into factions against each other, so you taste violence.” Look how We diversify Our narration so you contemplate its depths and understand.

  66. But your people denied it, while HU is the Truth! Say, “I am not your agent (you will have to face the consequences of not believing)!”

  67. For every occurrence there is a pre-determined and specific time... You will know soon!

  68. When you see those who engage in inappropriate talks regarding Our signs, turn away from them until they change the subject... If Satan makes you forget, then when you remember and become aware, do not continue to sit with the wrongdoers.

  69. Those who are protected are not responsible for them... But they should remind them of the Truth nevertheless... Perhaps they will also protect themselves.

  70. Leave those who have made their religion a hobby and a means for entertainment, who have been deceived by the worldly life, to their own accord. But remind them, lest a soul falls into destruction for what it has done! He will have neither a protector (Waliyy), nor an intercessor besides Allah... Even if he offers every ransom it will not be accepted from him! They are the ones who will be held as hostages as a result of what they have earned... There will be a scalding drink and great suffering for them for denying the knowledge of the reality.

  71. Say, “Shall we pray to and call upon things other than Allah, who can give us no benefit or harm? Shall we go back to duality after Allah has guided us to the true path? Shall we be like the foolish one who devils seduces and pulls to the abyss while we have friends who say, “Come to us” and call us to a straight path?”... Say, “The guidance of Allah is this! We have been ordered to submit to Allah, the Rabb of the worlds.”

  72. And “Establish salat and protect yourselves from His wrath; to Him you will be gathered!”

  73. HU has created the heavens and the earth in truth... Whenever He says, “Be”, immediately it becomes... His word is the Truth! When the Horn is blown (to the body or the system – the manifestation occurs from the inside out) the dominion is His! He knows the unknown and the witnessed... HU is the Hakim, the Habir.

  74. And when Abraham said to his father Azar, “Do you take idols as deities? Indeed, I see you and your people in plain corruption.”

  75. Thus We gave Abraham the sight to observe the angelic realm (the depths; the forces comprising the essence) of the heavens and the earth to enable him to attain certainty (to prevent him from becoming veiled from the reality of things by what he sees).

  76. When the night (ignorance) covered him, he saw a star (became aware of his consciousness)... He said, “This is my Rabb”... But when it set (when he became inadequate in comprehending the reality) he said, “I do not like those that set.”

  77. And when he saw the moon (his emotional identity; his sense of self sourcing from his emotions) he said, “This is my Rabb”... But when it set he said, “Indeed, if my Rabb had not guided me, I would surely have been among the astray.”

  78. And when he saw the sun (his mind) rising (in hope it will enable him to experience the reality) he said, “This is my Rabb, this is greater”... But when it set (when he realized the inadequacy of his mind in discerning Allah) he said, “O my people, indeed I am free from your associations.”

  79. “Certainly, I have turned my face (my consciousness) cleansed from the concept of a deity (Hanif), toward the Fatir (He who creates everything programmed according to its purpose) who created the heavens and the earth, and I am not of the dualists.”

  80. His people opposed him and tried to authenticate (the things they deified)... (Abraham) said, “Are you arguing with me about Allah while He has guided me? I do not fear the things you associate with Him! Except what my Rabb wills (harm can only reach me with the permission of my Rabb)... My Rabb has encompassed everything with His knowledge... Do you still not think?”

  81. “How can I fear the deities you associate with Allah when you don’t fear associating them while He has not revealed any proof (regarding their divinity)?” So, which of the two ways deserves to be given more credence?

  82. Those who believe and who do not mix their faith with the wrong (concealed duality)... Security is their right... They are the ones who have found the right path!

  83. This is the definite proof We have given to Abraham against his people. We raise to elevated degrees whom We will! Indeed, your Rabb is the Hakim, the Aleem.

  84. And We gave to him (Abraham) Isaac and Jacob... All of them, We have guided (informed of the reality). And We guided Noah, and among his descendants, David, Soloman, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron... Thus We reward the doers of good.

  85. And Zacharia, John, Jesus and Elias... All of them were of the righteous.

  86. And Ishmael, Elisha, Jonah and Lot... We made them superior to all people (the worlds) (by enabling them to experience the mystery of vicegerency in their bodily life).

  87. And some of their fathers, descendants and brothers! We have chosen them and led them to the right path.

  88. This is Allah’s guidance... He guides (enables the realization of the innermost reality of) whom he wills among His servants... If they had associated others with Allah (duality) then surely all of their earnings would have become vain.

  89. They are the ones to whom We have given the Book (the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah), Judgment and Nubuwwah... If they (the people) deny these things that We have given, We will entrust it to a people who will not deny any of it.

  90. They are the ones who Allah has guided... So, follow their reality! Say, “I do not want a reward (for informing you)... it is only a reminder to people (the worlds)!”

  91. And they did not duly appreciate Allah, by saying, “Allah has not revealed anything to any man” Say, “Who revealed the Book (knowledge) that Moses brought from his essence as Nur and protection for the people? You put it (knowledge) into parchments and show it, but you hide most of it... While much was taught to you, things neither you nor your fathers knew!”... Say: ‘Allah’ and let them amuse themselves in their empty discourse (their illusory world) in which they are absorbed.”

  92. This is a (Book) We have revealed, blessed and confirmed those before it, to warn the Mother of Cities (Mecca) and those who live near her... Those who believe in the eternal life to come also believe in this knowledge... They are the ones who continue performing their salat (prayers).

  93. Who can do more wrong than one who lies about Allah or who says, “It has been revealed unto me” when nothing has been revealed to him and who says, “I will reveal the like of what Allah has revealed”? If only you could see the wrongdoers when they live the intensity of death! The angels (forces) extend (spread) their hands and say, “Separate yourselves from your body (world) now as consciousness (for you have tasted death, life without a body, and life continues)! Today you will be punished with humiliation for the things you said about Allah not based on truth, and for being arrogant towards His signs.”

  94. Indeed, you have come to Us as individuals, like how We created you the first time (with the awareness of your origin)! You have left behind the illusions We conferred upon you... We do not see you with the intercessors you took, thinking they are partners (of Allah)... Indeed, the tie between you has been severed and everything you assumed existed has been lost!

  95. Indeed Allah is the cleaver that cracks and splits the seeds (creates forms of existence from the seeds of Names)! He brings the living (those who realize their infiniteness based on the Name Hayy) from the dead (those deprived of the knowledge of the reality)... And the dead (those who fail to leave their cocoon and fall into the state of the ‘Inciting Self’; carnal state of existence) from the living (those who live with the knowledge of the reality, in the state of the ‘Inspired Self’)! Thus is Allah! How you are turned (from one state to another).

  96. He tears away the darkness to bring forth the daylight! He has made the night for rest, and the Sun and the stars for measurement... This is the determination of the Aziz, the Aleem.

  97. It is HU who forms the stars in the darkness of the night and the sea, so that you find guidance! We have indeed explained Our signs for a people who know.

  98. HU has created you from a single soul (a single Self)... and then a place of dwelling (a place to know one’s self, the formation of the world) and then a container (the body, a temporary place for safe keeping)... We have indeed explained Our signs for a people of open understanding.

  99. HU discloses water from the sky! With it We produce the growth of ALL THINGS! And from it We produced greenery... And from it grains arranged in layers... And clusters of dates hanging low from the sheath of the date palms... And We produce vineyards and olive groves and pomegranates, alike yet different! Look at its fruits when it yields and ripens... Indeed, there are signs in these for a people who believe.

  100. Yet they attributed the jinn (invisible beings) as partners onto Allah – while He (Allah) has created them (the qualities they manifest comprise Allah’s Names)! Ignorantly they attributed sons and daughters unto Him! Subhan is He, above and beyond what they attribute!

  101. (He is) the Badee (the originator) of the heavens and the earth! How can one free from the concept of companionship have a son! He created all! HU, as the creator of all with His Names, and by being present in their essence with His Names, knows them!

  102. Thus is your Rabb Allah! There is no god, only HU! The creator of all (not externally but from within dimensional depths)! Become aware of your servitude to Him! He is Wakil over all things.

  103. Vision (sense perception) perceives Him not but He perceives (evaluates) all that is visible. HU is al-Latif, al-Habir.

  104. . In truth, there has come to you proofs from your Rabb to be evaluated... Whoever evaluates them with insight it is for his own good, and whoever lacks insight it is his loss... I am not a guard over you!

  105. Thus We explain Our signs in many ways, so they say, “You have learnt the requirements” and so We may make it clear for a people who know.

  106. Follow what has been revealed to you from your Rabb! There is no god, only HU! Turn away from those with dualistic beliefs!

  107. Had Allah willed, they would not have been dualists! We have not placed you as a guardian over them! Nor are you responsible for them (i.e. you are not their representative, and you are not charged with changing or guiding them).

  108. Do not revile gods besides Allah... (In response to this) they transgress the boundary and revile Allah out of their ignorance! Thus We made pleasing to every community their deeds... Then to their Rabb is their return... He will inform them of the meaning of all they did.

  109. And they swear by Allah with all their might that they will believe if a miracle comes to them. Say, “Miracles are only with Allah”... Are you not aware that they will not believe even if a miracle came to them?

  110. And thus We will lock their hearts (the reflector of the Names to the consciousness – heart neurons) and their eyes (ability to perceive and evaluate) just as they refused to believe before (the miracle came)! And We will leave them on their own in their transgression, wandering blindly!

  111. If We had revealed angels to them and if the dead spoke to them and if We made them experience every stage of life after death (life after the biological body ceases to exist) they would still not believe, unless Allah should will... But most of them live in ignorance!

  112. And thus We made enemies for every Nabi (the informer of the eternal life) - devils from among mankind (those who confine their existence to their body alone and live in pursuit of their bodily pleasures) and jinn... Some of them disclose decorative speech to others to deceive them! If your Rabb willed, they would not do that... So, leave them in that which they invent!

  113. In order that the hearts (the reflectors of the Names to the consciousness – neurons in the heart) of those who do not believe in the eternal life to come, will incline toward it (deception) and delight in it, and hence continue doing what they are doing.

  114. Shall I seek a judge other than Allah when He has revealed to you the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah (Book) in detail? Those to whom We have given the Book know that it is revealed from their Rabb in Truth... Do not be of those who doubt!

  115. The word of your Rabb has been confirmed and eventuated, as it deserves! None can alter his words... HU is the Sami, the Aleem!

  116. If you follow the majority of those on earth they will mislead you from the way of Allah... They only follow their assumptions and talk without thinking!

  117. Indeed, your Rabb is HU! He knows best who goes astray! HU; the One who knows best those who experience the reality…

  118. If you are of those who believe in His existence apparent in His signs (the manifestations of His Names) then eat of those things upon which the Name of Allah is mentioned!

  119. Unless you are forced to out of need, why do you not eat the things upon which the name of Allah is uttered, when He has informed you in detail of the things He has prohibited to you? Indeed, most of them go astray (deviate the matter) ignorantly, with baseless ideas! Certainly, HU, your Rabb, knows best the transgressors.

  120. In regards to the things Allah has forbidden, abandon both the apparent ones and the conceptual ones... Indeed, those who commit mistakes will definitely live the consequences of their actions.

  121. Do not eat of the things upon which the name of Allah is not uttered. That is definitely corruption (of faith)! Indeed, the devils incite their friends to struggle with you... If you follow them, you will definitely be of the dualists.

  122. Can the one who We enliven (with the knowledge of the reality) while he is dead and to whom We give the Nur of insight with which he can live among people be equal to the one who is left in darkness from which he can never escape? Thus the deeds of those who deny the knowledge of the reality have been made to seem pleasing to them.

  123. Thus We have placed leaders (of crime) in every city as criminals so they conspire within... But they conspire against none but themselves, yet they are unaware!

  124. When a proof comes to them, they say, “We will never believe until we are given like that which was given to the Rasuls of Allah”... Allah knows best where to manifest His reality! The criminals will be subject to debasement and severe suffering from Allah for what they used to conspire!

  125. And whomsoever Allah wills the realization of his essential reality, He opens his breast (his innermost comprehension) to Islam (to the consciousness of his submission) and whomsoever He wills to lead astray, He makes his breast tight and constricted, as though he were laboriously climbing into the sky! Thus Allah debases those who do not believe!

  126. This is the straight path (as-sirat al-mustaqim) of your Rabb... We have indeed detailed the proofs to a people who can think and evaluate.

  127. The abode of Salam (the state of existence pertaining to the meaning of the Name Salam) with their Rabb is for them! HU is their Waliyy because of what they used to do.

  128. The Day when He will gather them together (and say), “O community of jinn, you have truly possessed (misled from reality) the vast majority of mankind.” And their allies among mankind will say, “Our Rabb, we mutually benefited from each other, and we have now reached our term, which you appointed for us.” He will say, “The Fire is your residence, wherein you will abide eternally, except for what Allah wills...” Indeed, your Rabb is the Hakim and the Aleem.

  129. Thus We will make some of the wrongdoers friends with others as a result of what they used to do (they are companions to each other in the fire)!

  130. “O communities of jinn and mankind, did there not come to you Rasuls from among you, relating to you My messages pointing to the reality and warning you of the coming of this Day?” They will say, “We bear witness against ourselves”; and the worldly life (they had conjured based on corporeality) had deluded them, and they will bear witness against themselves that they were deniers of the knowledge of the reality.

  131. That is because your Rabb would not destroy communities of wrongdoers unless they have been informed through Rasuls.

  132. Each of them has degrees according to their deeds... Your Rabb is not unaware of what they do.

  133. Your Rabb is the Ghani and possessor of grace... If He wills He can do away with you and give vicegerency to whomsoever He wills after you... Just as He produced you from the descendants of another people!

  134. Indeed, what you are promised is coming... You cannot cause Allah failure (to deliver His promise)!

  135. Say, “O my people, do whatever you can! For I too will do (what I can)! Soon you will know whose worldly life will be at the end”... Indeed, the wrongdoers will not attain liberation.

  136. They set aside for Allah a share in what He has created of crops and livestock. And with their assumptions, they said, “This is for Allah, and this is for whom we associate (with Allah).” However, what is for their associates does not reach Allah! But what is for Allah reaches those they associate... Wretched is their judgment!

  137. And likewise, their partners (assumed gods) made the killing of children seem pleasing to the dualists to destroy them and bring confusion to their religion... Had Allah willed they would not have done so... So, leave them alone in what they invent.

  138. They (those who take their traditional conditionings and value judgments as religious doctrine) said with assumption, “These animals and crops are untouchable... None can eat from them other than whom we will... The backs of these animals have been forbidden (one cannot ride them)”... Yet they slander against Him (Allah) and slaughter (some of) the animals without mentioning the name of Allah upon them! (Allah) will actualize the consequences of their slander upon them!

  139. They said, “What is contained in the belly of this animal is only lawful for our men, it is forbidden to our women... But if it is born dead, then they (men and women) have equal share”... Allah will punish them for this slander... Indeed He is the Hakim, the Aleem.

  140. Those who foolishly kill their children out of ignorance and forbid with slander the provision of Allah, which He has bestowed upon them, have indeed accrued a loss... They have indeed gone astray and are deprived of guidance.

  141. HU builds trellised and untrellised gardens, dates, crops of various fruit, olives and pomegranates, similar and different... Eat of their fruit when it yields, and give its due (alms) on the day of its harvest... And do not squander, for He does not favor the squanderers.

  142. And of the cattle there are some for carrying burdens and some for making beds (from its wool)... Eat of the provision Allah gives you (since He is the creator) and do not follow the ideas of Satan... He is indeed your obvious enemy.

  143. There are eight pairs/mates: Two (pairs) of the sheep and two (pairs) of the goats... Say, is it the two males He has forbidden or the two females or that which the wombs of the two females contain?... Inform me with knowledge if you are truthful.”

  144. And two (pairs) of the camels, and two (pairs) of the cattle... Say, “Is it the two males He has forbidden or the two females or that which the wombs of the two females contain? Or were you witnesses when Allah advised you with this?”... Who does more wrong than one who ignorantly invents lies about Allah to mislead the people?... Indeed Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.

  145. Say, “I cannot find anything forbidden to one who eats from what has been revealed... Only the flesh of a dead animal, spilled blood, the flesh of swine – for indeed, it is impure – and that which has been slaughtered in the name of one other than Allah, with the hands of one with a corrupt faith... But whoever is forced to eat it (out of need) he may do so without assuming it to be lawful and without going to extreme...” Certainly, your Rabb is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

  146. We have made all clawed animals forbidden to the Jews... We have also made forbidden to them the interior fat of cattle and sheep, except what extends to their backs or their entrails or is mixed up with a bone... We have punished them for transgressing... We are indeed truthful.

  147. (My Rasul) if they have denied you, say, “Your Rabb is the Wasi, possessor of grace... His torment will not be held back from a people who do wrong.”

  148. The dualists will say, “Had Allah willed, neither us nor our fathers would have been dualists... and we would not have prohibited anything”... Likewise, those before them also denied, until they tasted Our punishment. Say, “Do you have a knowledge you can explain to us? You follow only assumption... You talk nonsense based on presumptions alone.”

  149. Say, “To Allah belongs the definite proof... If He had willed, he would surely have guided all of you.”

  150. Say, “Bring forward your witnesses who testify that Allah had prohibited this!”... And if they testify, do not testify with them... Do not follow the empty desires of those who deny Our signs (manifestations of Names) and the eternal life to come! They equate their deities to their Rabb.

  151. Say, “Come, let me READ to you the things your Rabb has forbidden to you: Do not associate anything with Him... Do good to your parents... Do not kill your children out of poverty, We will provide for you and for them! Do not approach apparent (alcohol, harlotry, etc.) or hidden forms (contemplating upon them) of indecency... Do not kill the one who Allah has forbidden (to be killed), except by legal right (like retribution)! (Allah) makes this warning so that you use your reason!”

  152. Do not approach the orphan’s property until he reaches maturity, except for the purpose of administrating it in the best way... Make measurements and balances in full and with justice... We never charge anyone with that which is beyond his capacity. And when you speak, speak the truth, even if it concerns someone close to you! Fulfill your word to Allah! (Allah) makes this warning so that you use your reason!

  153. This is my straight path, so follow it, do not follow other paths; (otherwise) they will divert you from His straight path... Thus Allah warns you so you may protect yourselves!

  154. Then We gave Moses the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah as guidance and grace, and to complete Our favor upon the doers of good and to clarify everything to them... So that they believe they will meet their Rabb.

  155. This revelation is an abundant knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah! Follow it and adhere to it so you may receive grace.

  156. So that you do not say, “Knowledge has only been revealed upon the two groups before us (Jews and Christians); we were unaware of what they read and evaluated”...

  157. And so that you do not say, “If that Knowledge was revealed to us, we would surely have evaluated the guidance better than them”... Clear proofs, knowledge of the reality and grace have come to your from your Rabb... Who can do more wrong than one who denies the existence of Allah in His signs (the manifestations of His Names) and turns away from them! They will undergo the worst suffering as a result of turning away from Our signs!

  158. Are they waiting for angels, or for their Rabb, or for the miracles of their Rabb to come to them in order to believe? The faith of he who had not believed before or whose faith did not benefit him (was not internalized) will be of no use when he sees the extraordinary signs of his Rabb! Say, “Wait, for we are also waiting.”

  159. Those who fragment the understanding of religion and form various sects, you shall have no business with them, my Rasul! Their account is left to Allah... They will be notified of the truth of what they used to do.

  160. Whoever comes with one good, shall receive tenfold of what he brings... And whoever comes with one bad, will only receive the results of that one! They will not be wronged.

  161. Say, “Indeed my Rabb has guided me to the straight path... To the religion in effect, the hanif people of Abraham... And he was not of the dualists.

  162. Say, “Indeed my salat (prayer, introspection), my practices (to attain closeness to Allah), my life and everything I am to live through my death, is for Allah, the Rabb of the worlds (they are for the manifestation of the qualities pertaining to Allah’s Names).

  163. “The concept of duality cannot be conceived in regards to HU! I have been commanded thusly; I am the leader of those who experience submission!”

  164. Say, “How can I think of a Rabb other than Allah when He is the Rabb of all! What each soul earns is for each soul... A criminal cannot take responsibility for the crime of another! Your return will be to your Rabb! He will inform you about the things over which you differ.”

  165. It is HU who appointed you vicegerents upon the earth (the body) and elevated some of you over others in degrees, to try you with (actualize) what He gave to you (the forces of the Names)... Indeed, your Rabb is sariul iqab (the One who enforces the consequences of actions without relenting)! He is the Ghafur, the Rahim.

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