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69 - Al-Haqqa

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. The absolute reality (which will become evident with death)!

  2. What is the absolute reality?

  3. What informs you of the absolute reality?

  4. Thamud and Aad denied the eternal life after death.

  5. So, for Thamud, they were destroyed with the loud earthquake!

  6. And Aad, they were destroyed with an intense hurricane!

  7. He subjected them (to that hurricane) for seven nights and eight days! You will see them fallen therein like hollow trunks of palm trees!

  8. What do you see of their remains?

  9. Pharaoh, those before them, and the destroyed cities, they all made the same mistake!

  10. They were disobedient to the Rasul of their Rabb and so (their Rabb) seized them with intensity!

  11. Indeed, when the water overflowed it was Us who carried you in the sailing ship!

  12. (We narrated it) so that We might make it a reminder for you and so that a perceptive ear can discern it well!

  13. When the Horn (the forms – the bodies that are present at that time) is blown with a single blow (when the individual consciousnesses realize their essential reality without their body)...

  14. When the earth (bodies) and the mountains (egos – identities) are crushed and destroyed with a single impact;

  15. At that time the great event will have taken place (everyone will have become aware of the absolute reality)!

  16. And the sky (the sense of self, identity) will be split apart, for at that time it will be frail!

  17. And the angel will be around it! Eight (forces) above them, (the creation) will bear the Throne of your Rabb at that time.

  18. And you will be brought forth that day with none of your secrets left concealed (fully exposed)!

  19. He whose (life record) is formed from his right will say, “Here is my record, read it.”

  20. “Indeed, I knew I was going to meet the results of my deeds!”

  21. So he will be in a state of bliss;

  22. A high (sublime) Paradise!

  23. The resulting fruits of his deeds will be within his reach!

  24. Eat and drink with joy as the result of your past deeds!

  25. As for he whose (book) life record is formed from his left, he will say, “I wish I had never been given my record!”

  26. “I wish I had never known what is my account (the consequences of my deeds)!”

  27. “I wish it ended (before it came to this point)!”

  28. “My wealth has been of no avail to me!”

  29. “All my power is lost and gone.”

  30. “Seize him and tie him!”

  31. “Then cast him to the Hell!”

  32. “Then insert him into a chain that is seventy cubits.”

  33. “For he did not believe in Allah the Azim, his essential reality with His Names!”

  34. “Nor did he make any effort to feed the needy (he was stingy)!”

  35. “So there is no devoted friend for him at this time.”

  36. “Nor any food for him except for pus.”

  37. “And the guilty will eat only that!”

  38. So I swear by what you see,

  39. And what you do not see!

  40. Indeed, it is the word of a generous Rasul.

  41. It is not the word of a poet... How limited is your faith!

  42. Nor is it the word of a soothsayer... How little you remember and think!

  43. It is a (detailed) disclosure from the Rabb of the worlds!

  44. Had he made it up and attributed it to Us;

  45. Surely We would have taken his right hand (power).

  46. Then We would have cut his jugular vein (carotid artery)!

  47. And none among you could have prevented it.

  48. Indeed, it (the Quran) is a thought-provoking reminder for those who want to protect themselves!

  49. Surely We know who among you are the deniers.

  50. Indeed, it (Doomsday) will be a time of bitter regret for those who deny the knowledge of the reality!

  51. Indeed, that (Doomsday period) is the (clear) experience of the Truth!

  52. So glorify (tasbih) your Rabb by continuing to carry out your function (in servitude to His Names), whose name is Azim!

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