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41 - Fussilat

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Ha, Meem.

  2. This is a revelation (an explanation) from the Rahim and Rahman One!

  3. For people who understand, it is the knowledge, whose signs are expounded as an Arabic Quran!

  4. As a giver of good news and a warner... But the majority of them have turned away (from these truths)! They do not hear!

  5. They say, “Our consciousness is cocooned from that to which you call us, there is heaviness in our ears, and there is a curtain between you and us! So, do whatever you may, we too are doing.”

  6. (My Rasul) say, “I am a human like yourselves; however, it has been revealed to me: That which you think as god is One, possessor of Uluhiyyah! So, turn to Him and ask Him for forgiveness... Woe to those who are in duality (who fail to understand the Oneness of existence and ascribe partners to Allah)!”

  7. Those (dualists) do not give unrequitedly for Allah and they deny their eternal lives to come.

  8. But those who believe and fulfill the requisites of faith, there is an unending reward for them.

  9. Say, “Do you really deny the One who has created the earth in two periods (in reference to earth this refers to the period of materialization of earth and the formation of animate beings; in reference to the body, it refers to the time between conception until the 120th day, to the time of birth. Allah knows best)! Do you equate (assume the existence of) other gods to Him! He is the Rabb of the worlds (the One who forms with the Names of Allah every instance of the process of creation – from the point it is willed and its formation, to the end of its existence – creating all the required and appropriate qualities necessary for its actualization)!”

  10. And he formed firmly set mountains (egos) on the earth (the body) and gave abundance therein and determined the sustenance for the continuation of its creatures in four periods, without distinction, for those who ask (according to their capacities).

  11. Then established Himself in the heaven (to manifest some of His Names) while it was in smoke form (natural formless self) and said to it (consciousness) and to the earth (the body), “Come willingly or by compulsion (to manifest My Names)!” They both said, “We come willingly to obey!” (The heaven = intellectual state; and the earth = bodily organs. Both willingly manifest the qualities of the Names.)

  12. Thus He decreed there to be seven heavens (the seven states of consciousness – self) and revealed to each heaven its function! And He adorned the nearest heaven (of earth) with lamps (enlightening ideas) and protected it. That is the determination of the Aziz, the Aleem!

  13. But if they turn away say, “I warn you with the thunderbolt like the thunderbolt of Aad and Thamud!”

  14. When their Rasuls came to them from in front (with what they knew) and from behind (with what they did not know) and said, “Do not idolize others; serve and worship only Allah!” They said, “Had our Rabb willed, He would surely have disclosed angels... We deny that (knowledge of the reality) with which you have been disclosed.”

  15. As for Aad (the people of Hud), they were arrogant on earth without right and said, “Who is mightier than us in strength?” Did they not see that Allah, who created them, is mightier than them in strength! They denied Our signs consciously (and deliberately)! (They thought the forces pertaining to Our Names belonged to their assumed selves.)

  16. So We disclosed an icy wind upon them during days of misfortune, so that they taste the suffering of disgrace in the worldly life! But surely the suffering of the eternal life to come is more disgracing... And they will not find any help!

  17. As for Thamud (the people of Salih) We guided them but they preferred blindness over guidance (reality)... So, the thunderbolt of the humiliating suffering seized them as the result of their conduct.

  18. We saved those who believed and protected themselves.

  19. When that time comes the enemies of Allah will be gathered together and driven to the Fire.

  20. When they (the enemies of Allah) come there, their ears (hearing), eyes (sight) and their skins (their whole body) will testify against them about what they used to do.

  21. They will ask their bodies, “Why did you testify against us?”... They will say, “Allah, who makes all things speak, made us speak... He created you the first time... And now to Him you are returned.”

  22. And you did not expect your hearing, sight and bodies to testify against you (so you lived as you liked)... You thought Allah was unaware of most of your doings!

  23. Your mistaken assumption about your Rabb has brought you to perdition, and you have become among the losers.

  24. So even if they patiently endure it (thinking it will pass) the Fire is their abode! If they try to please (their Rabb, presenting excuses) they will not be of those whose excuses are accepted and appeased.

  25. And we have appointed for them companions (those with satanic ideas from among the jinn and man) who made attractive to them their actions and desires. And the sentence concerning the jinn and man that had passed before them has now come into effect upon them. Indeed, they were all losers.

  26. Those who denied the knowledge of the reality said (to those who listened to the Rasul of Allah), “Do not listen to the Quran, talk baseless things in regards to it, perhaps you will overpower it!”

  27. Indeed, We will subject those who deny the knowledge of the reality to an intense suffering and We will surely make them face the consequences of their deeds!

  28. Fire is the result of the deeds of Allah’s enemies! For them is the home of eternity therein! As the recompense for consciously denying Our signs (refusing to accept their Rabb)!

  29. Those who deny the knowledge of the reality say, “Our Rabb... Show us the two who misled us from among the jinn and man so that we may place them under our feet that they may be among the lowest!”

  30. Indeed, angels will descend upon those who say, “My Rabb is Allah” and who live their lives accordingly (the Jamal forces of the divine attributes will manifest, which means), “Do not fear and do not grieve but be happy with your Paradise, which you have been promised...”

  31. “We are your friends (Waliyy) in the worldly life and the eternal life to come! You will have therein whatever your consciousness desires... And whatever you request therein, you shall have!”

  32. As the disclosure (manifestation) of the Rahim, the Ghafur (the Jamal attributes).”

  33. Who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and fulfills the requisites of faith and says, “Indeed, I am of those who experience their absolute submission”?

  34. The good deed and the bad deed are not equal! Repel (the bad) with that which is best... Then you will see, the person who had enmity towards you will be like as though he was a devoted friend!

  35. Only those who are patient are granted this (quality)... And only those who have been given a great grant are allowed (this patience).

  36. If an impulse from the Satan seduces you, immediately seek refuge in Allah, the One who comprises your essence with His Names (activate your inherent forces of the Names)! Indeed, He is HU, the Sami, the Aleem

  37. The night (intrinsic qualities), the day (extrinsic qualities), the Sun (the intellect) and the Moon (emotions) are all of His signs! Do not prostrate (idolize) to the Sun or the Moon, but prostrate to (their creator) Allah (listen to your intuition, which is inspired by the Names, for there is always an inner voice guiding you to what is right before you commit a deed); if you are conscious of your servitude to Him! (This is a verse of prostration.)

  38. If they continue to be arrogant (egotistic), then (let them know) that those who are near their Rabb (conscious of their essential reality) tasbih Him (live with the awareness of their servitude to their Rabb) by night and by day without becoming weary!

  39. It is from His signs that you see the earth (body) in a state of awe... When We disclose water (knowledge of the reality) upon it, it quivers and awakens! Indeed, the One who has given life to it (one devoid of knowledge) is the One who gives life (Muhyi) to the dead! Indeed, He is Qadir over all things.

  40. Those who pervert Our signs from their intended purpose are not concealed from Us. So, is the one who is thrown into the Fire better or the one who is secure during Doomsday? Do as you wish! Indeed, He is Basir of what you do (as their creator).

  41. Indeed, they deny the knowledge reminding them of their essential reality! Indeed, that knowledge (reminding them of their essential reality – dhikr) is mighty!

  42. Falsehood cannot reach it, from its front (directly) or its back (indirectly)! It is a (dimensional) disclosure from the One who is the Hakim, the Hamid.

  43. (O Rasul of Allah!) You are not told anything different to what previous Rasuls were told! Indeed, your Rabb is both forgiving and One who subjects to severe suffering.

  44. Had We made it a Quran not in Arabic, surely they would have said, “These verses should have been understandable! A non-Arabic (Quran) to an Arabic speaking (Rasul? How can that be?)”... Say, “It is guidance and healing (enabling healthy thought) for the believers!” As for those who do not believe, there is heaviness in their ears; it is an unperceivable object for them! (Thus it is as though) they are being called from a distant place.

  45. Indeed, We gave the knowledge (Book) to Moses, but they differed in regards to it... And if it were not for the decree of your Rabb it would surely have been judged between them... Indeed, they are in dubious doubt about it.

  46. Whoever fulfills the requisites of faith, it is for their own sake! And whoever does bad, it is against their own selves. Your Rabb is not unjust to His servants.

  47. The knowledge of that Hour (death) belongs to Him! Outside His knowledge, neither fruits emerge from their buds, nor a female conceives or gives birth! The day when He (Allah) calls out, “Where are my partners?” They say, “No one has witnessed such partner, this we confess!”

  48. That which they previously uttered is lost from them and they realized they have no place of escape.

  49. Man is not weary of asking for good things... But if bad afflicts him, at once he loses hope and falls into despair.

  50. Indeed, if We make him taste Our grace after an affliction, he will surely say, “This is my right... I don’t think that Hour (Doomsday) will come to pass... Indeed, if I am to returned to my Rabb I have the best in His sight!” Indeed, We will inform those who deny the knowledge of the reality of what they do... Indeed, We will make them taste severe suffering.

  51. When We bestow a favor upon man, he turns away and distances himself! But when a bad thing afflicts him, he prays extensively.

  52. Say, “Think, if (this knowledge) is from Allah and you have denied it, who can be more corrupt than one who has gone astray (from the reality) to this extent!”

  53. We will show them Our signs in the horizons (externally) and within themselves until it becomes clearly evident to them that it is the Truth! Is it not sufficient that your Rabb is a witness over all things?

  54. Pay heed! Indeed, they are in doubt about the meeting of their Rabb (from experiencing the manifestation of their Rabb from within their essence)! Be careful! Indeed, He is encompassing over all things (forms all things with the qualities of His Names)!

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