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40 - Al-Mu'min

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Ha Meem!

  2. The revelation of the knowledge (about the reality and sunnatullah) is from Allah, the Aziz, the Aleem.

  3. The forgiver of mistakes, the acceptor of repentance (the return to one’s essence), the One who is severe in enforcing the due consequence of an offence, the One whose favor and bounty are abundant... There is no god, only HU! The return is to Him.

  4. None will dispute and argue about the signs of Allah other than those who deny the knowledge of the reality! So, do not let their (uninhibited and cheery) activity throughout the land deceive you.

  5. The people of Noah denied before them, and all people who opposed the reality denied after them. Every nation intended to seize (render dysfunctional, kill) their Rasul... They fought to invalidate the Truth by spreading falsehood... So, I seized them... And how was My recompense for their mistakes?

  6. Thus, the word of your Rabb, “Their place is Fire,” regarding the deniers of the knowledge of the reality has been fulfilled.

  7. The carriers of the Throne and the (conscious) forces around it (the loci of the manifestation of Allah’s power) glorify (tasbih) their Rabb as His hamd (manifest the Name Hamid); they believe in Him (as their essential reality) and ask forgiveness for the believers (for their inadequacy to duly live the requisites of their essential reality) saying, “Our Rabb, You encompass all things with Your grace and knowledge... Forgive those who repent and follow Your way, and protect them from the suffering of burning!”

  8. “Our Rabb... Admit them to gardens of Eden, which you have promised them, and whoever attained purity among their fathers, spouses and offspring... Indeed, You, yes You, are the Aziz, the Hakim.”

  9. “Protect them from bad deeds resulting from arrogance – corporeality... And he whom You have protected is he upon whom You have indeed bestowed Your grace... That is the great attainment!”

  10. Indeed, those who deny the knowledge of the reality will be told, “The hatred of Allah is greater than your hatred of yourselves... Remember, you were invited to faith, but you refused in denial!”

  11. They said, “Our Rabb, you have made us die twice (the experience of separation from the body and the state of selfless existence during mahshar [see 6:94]) and brought us to life twice (with a new identity) and we have confessed our inadequacies! So, is there a way out of this state?”

  12. The reason why you are in this state is: When Allah invited you to His Oneness (when you were offered to cleanse yourselves from your illusory identities), you covered (denied) it! If it were duality (to which you were invited) you would surely have believed in it... The judgment belongs to Allah, the Aliy, the Kabir (the One whose judgment of His manifest forces you cannot refuse)!

  13. It is HU who shows you His signs and sends down provision (knowledge pertaining to your essence) from the heavens (to your consciousness)... But none can remember and contemplate upon this, except he who turns (to his essential reality)!

  14. So, even if those who deny the knowledge of the reality detest religion, turn to Allah with the knowledge that He is the essential reality of the system!

  15. He is the raiser of degrees, the owner of the Throne... He sends the spirit (the comprehension of the Names to the consciousness) from His command, to warn of the time when the Truth will be discerned!

  16. At that time they will be exposed in every sense! They cannot hide anything from Allah... To whom belongs all sovereignty this Day (this moment, now, in the sight of Allah time is only this present moment)? To Allah, the Wahid, the Qahhar (the One whose absolute verdict applies beyond the concepts of time and space).

  17. During this period every individual consciousness will be requited for what he has done (face the consequences of his deeds)! No injustice will be done in this time! Indeed, Allah is swift in reckoning (He instantly puts into effect the consequences of one’s actions).

  18. Warn them with the nearing time of death! At that time, their hearts, full of sorrow, will come right up to their throats! The wrongdoers will have neither a friend nor a chief to follow (to save them).

  19. He knows the perfidy of the eyes (dualistic perception) and what the hearts conceal.

  20. Allah judges in Truth... Those from whom they seek help besides Him have no judgment over anything! Indeed Allah is the Sami, the Basir.

  21. Did they not travel throughout the earth and see the end of those before them? Those (before them) were mightier than them in strength and more advanced in terms of what they formed on earth... But Allah seized them with the product of their own mistakes... And there were none to protect them from Allah (their essential reality).

  22. The reason for this was: Their Rasuls came to them with clear evidence, but they denied them... So Allah seized them... Indeed, He is the Qawwi and severe in enforcing the due consequence of an offence.

  23. Indeed, We disclosed Moses with Our signs and a clear and undeniable evidence.

  24. To Pharaoh, Haman and Qarun... But they said, “He is a great lying sorcerer.”

  25. When (Moses) brought them the Truth from Us they said, “Slay the sons of those who believe with him and keep alive their females”... But the plots of those who deny the knowledge of the reality amount to nothing!

  26. Pharaoh said, “Leave me to slay Moses... And let him call his Rabb (for help)... Indeed, I fear that (Moses) will change your understanding of religion or cause trouble in the land.”

  27. Moses said, “Indeed, I seek refuge in my Rabb and your Rabb from the arrogant ones who do not believe in the time in which they will face the consequences of all their doings.”

  28. A man from among the family of Pharaoh who had believed, but not revealed it until that time, said, “Are you killing a man simply because he says ‘My Rabb is Allah’ when he has come to you with clear proofs from your Rabb? If he is lying, his lies are against him... But if he is telling the truth, the suffering of which he warns you will afflict you! Indeed, Allah does not guide those who squander (their resources within their essence) and who lie.”

  29. (That man said), “O my people! As the masters upon earth, abundance is yours today... But if it were to afflict us, who can help and save us against the wrath of Allah?” Pharaoh said, “I am not presenting to you an opinion other than my own and I am not guiding you, except to the only way out.”

  30. Then said the man who believed, “O my people! Indeed, I fear for you something like what befell those who united against the reality.”

  31. “Like what befell the people of Noah, Ad (the people of Hud) and Thamud (the people of Salih), and those who came after them... Allah does not will injustice for His servants.”

  32. (The believing man said), “O my people... I truly fear for you a time when there will be mournful wailing.”

  33. During that time, when you will turn and try to escape, there will be none to protect you from Allah! And whoever Allah misleads, there is none to guide him.

  34. Previously, Joseph had also come to you with clear proofs... And when he died, you had said, “Allah will never disclose another Rasul after him”... Thus Allah misleads the wasteful, the doubtful.

  35. They are those who dispute the signs of Allah without having received any solid evidence... This (conduct) is intensely hateful in the sight of Allah and the believers... Thus, Allah seals every arrogant and tyrannical consciousness.

  36. Pharaoh said, “O Hamam! Build for me a high tower that I may reach the ways.”

  37. “The ways of the heavens... So that I may understand the god of Moses! For I certainly think he is a liar!”... And thus was made attractive to Pharaoh his bad deeds and thus was he prevented from the way (to his essential reality)... Pharaoh’s plan amounted to nothing but loss!

  38. The believer (from among Pharaoh’s family) said, “O my people... Follow me, so that I may guide you to the way of maturity.”

  39. “O my people... This worldly life is only a temporary enjoyment of fleeting pleasures! The eternal life to come is indeed the home of permanent settlement!”

  40. “Whoever does a bad deed will only be recompensed by the like thereof, but whoever, male or female, fulfills the requisites of their faith, they will be admitted to Paradise... A life in which they will be nourished with a variety of eternal sustenance!”

  41. “O my people... How odd it is that while I call you to salvation, you call me to the Fire!”

  42. “You call me to deny Allah, the One comprising my essence with His Names, and to associate with Him that of which I have no knowledge! While I call you to the One who is the Aziz, the Gaffar.”

  43. “The Truth is: That to which you invite me has no place in this world or the eternal life to come... Indeed, our return is to Allah... And indeed those who squander (their lives) are the companions of the Fire!”

  44. “You will soon remember what I tell you! I leave my affair to Allah! Indeed, Allah is Basir over His servants.”

  45. Thus Allah protected Him (the believing man) from the evil (Pharaoh) plotted... And the family of Pharaoh was encompassed by the worst of sufferings.

  46. The (wretched) Fire! They will be brought to it in the morning and the evening... And when that time comes, it will be told, “Place the family of Pharaoh in the worst of suffering!”

  47. When they argue with one another in the Fire, the weak ones will say to those who were arrogant, “We were your followers... Can you now relieve us from some of this Fire?”

  48. But the arrogant ones will say, "In truth, we are all in it together... Indeed, Allah has judged between His servants!"

  49. Those in the Fire (an ocean of radiation) will say to the keepers of Hell, “Plead to your Rabb, that He may relieve us from this suffering at least for one day!”

  50. (The keepers) will say, “Did your Rasuls not come to you as clear proofs?”... “Yes” they will say... “Then pray yourself!” the keepers will say... The prayer of those who deny the knowledge of the reality is nothing but a baseless attempt.

  51. Indeed, We will help Our Rasuls and the believers both in the worldly life and during the time when the witnesses stand.

  52. During that time their excuses will not give the wrongdoers any benefit... The curse (having fallen far from the forces of the Names of Allah) is upon them and theirs is the worst abode!

  53. Indeed, We gave Moses the guidance (the knowledge of the reality) and made the Children of Israel inherit the knowledge!

  54. As guidance to the reality and a reminder for those with intellects that contemplate!

  55. Be patient! Indeed, the promise of Allah is Truth! Ask forgiveness for your mistakes! Glorify (tasbih; experience your essential reality) your Rabb as His hamd (by feeling the One who manifests hamd within you) in the morning and evening!

  56. Those who dispute the signs of Allah without having received any solid proof contain nothing inside themselves except for an unattainable arrogance (i.e. they can never reach enlightenment in regards to the reality of true Greatness)! So, seek refuge in Allah, your essential reality with His Names... Indeed, He is HU, the Sami, the Basir.

  57. Surely the creation of the heavens and the earth is much greater than that of humans! But the majority of humans do not know.

  58. The blind one and the one who sees, the believer who fulfills the requisites of his faith, and the one who denies and does bad deeds are not equal! How little you remember and contemplate!

  59. That Hour will most definitely come; there is no doubt about it... But the majority of the people do not believe!

  60. Your Rabb said, “Pray to Me, so that I may respond to you! Indeed, those who do not pray out of their arrogance will enter Hell with their necks bent low.”

  61. It is Allah who created the night so that you may find tranquility therein, and the day so that you may see and evaluate! Indeed, Allah is full of bounty to humans... But the majority of the people are ungrateful!

  62. This is your Rabb Allah, the Creator of all! There is no god, only HU! How you are turned away (from the Truth)!

  63. Those who deliberately deny the signs of Allah are thus turned away!

  64. It is Allah who made earth a place of residence for you and the heavens your edifice (that which adorns the earth [or body] with what it contains)... He proportioned you (gave you specific properties) and beautified your forms (of meaning) and nourished you with good sustenance (of knowledge and gnosis)! Thus is Allah, your Rabb! Sublime is the Rabb of the worlds (humans)!

  65. HU is the Hayy! There is no god, only HU! Turn to Him with the knowledge that He is the essential reality of the system. Hamd belongs to Allah, the Rabb of the worlds (humanity).

  66. Say, “I have been forbidden to worship those you deify besides Allah once proofs have come to me from my Rabb, and I have been commanded to submit to the Rabb of the worlds.”

  67. It is HU who created you from dust, then from sperm, then a clot (embryo)... Then He brought you out as a child; then gave you life allowing you to mature and reach old age... And some of you are taken in death before that... so that you reach the specified term and use your intellect.

  68. It is HU who gives life and takes life! When He decrees a matter, He only says, ‘Be’ (wills it to be) and it is!

  69. Did you see those who dispute the signs of Allah? How they are averted (from the Truth)?

  70. They are those who deny the knowledge pertaining to their essence and the Rasuls We have disclosed! But soon they will know!

  71. When the shackles (the conditionings and value judgments of their identities) and chains (addictive tendencies) are around their necks, they will be dragged!

  72. Into the boiling water (burning thoughts)... And then in the Fire (ocean of radiation) they will be burnt!

  73. Then they will be told, “Where are those you ascribed as partners...”

  74. “Besides Allah!” They will say, “They are gone from us... No, indeed, we had previously turned to things that didn’t exist!”... Thus Allah averts those who deny the knowledge of the reality.

  75. This is for overindulging and exulting in arrogance on the earth without right.

  76. Enter the gates of Hell to abide therein eternally... Wretched is the abode of the arrogant (egocentric) ones!

  77. Be patient! Indeed, the promise of Allah is Truth! Whether We show some of what We have promised them to you or We cause you to die (without showing you, it does not matter, for in any case), they will be returned to Us.

  78. Indeed, We have also disclosed Rasuls before you... Among them are some whose stories We have narrated to you, and some whose stories We have not... It is not possible for a Rasul to bring a miracle outside the permission of Allah! When the command of Allah comes, it will be judged with Truth, and those who pursue falsity will be in loss!

  79. It is Allah who made the grazing animals for you, some upon which you ride, and some which you eat.

  80. There are (other) benefits in them for you... To reach your destination upon them... And you are carried upon them and upon ships.

  81. (Allah) shows you His signs... Which of Allah’s signs do you deny!

  82. Did they not travel throughout the earth and see the end of those before them! They (the previous people) were greater in number, mightier in strength, and more advanced in terms of what they produced on earth. Yet what they earned did not save them!

  83. When their Rasuls came to them as clear proofs, they relied on their own knowledge and exulted! The very thing they mocked has encompassed them!

  84. When they saw Our rage they said, “We believe Allah, the One who comprises Our essence with His Names, is One; and disbelieve in what we ascribed to Him.”

  85. But the faith they developed after seeing Our rage did not benefit them! This is the sunnatullah of Allah established upon His servants for ages! Thereupon those who denied the knowledge of the reality are in loss!

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