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Fasting and Zakat


Today, I will be recalling a very important subject but, it’s significance is so compelling, and that’s why I want to touch on it once again.

Realizing this, I will talk about ‘fasting’ as we are getting to the end of Ramadan. Now, I’ve already talked about the verse 284 of Bakara sura. This verse emphasizes a very important reality, a fundamental system. That’s why I have decided to renew the subject again.

This verse says 've in tubdu ma fiy enfisikum ev tuhfuhu yuhasibkum BiHillah' This is a very significant sentence.

We must accurately understand this sentence.

It says that you will meet the results of what you have in your mind, whether you just think about it or reveal it.

What we understand from being judged is that there is a judge-like god sitting in a throne of whom we will be standing in front of and he will question us ‘why did you think like that?’ or ‘ why did you act like that.

However, if we have understood the meaning of the mystery of B; that is, putting the verses which are denoted by the letter B into action which is the revelation coming out from a person in a way which comes from a person’s essence...

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 01:44 The statement ‘yuhassibkum Bihillah’, the meaning of Hu’s name of Hasib which will come out of us automatically as it exists in our being, in our composition of asma(names), that the result of our deed will automatically happen, and there will hardly be any opportunity of not experiencing the results of what we think and put into action.

04:20 Now, we, living in such a system, are advised to fast. Throughout the month known as Ramadan, with the condition of being healthy, every Muslim is obliged to fast. In other words, every Muslim is subject to this advice.

06:42 The time to start fasting is when the night turns into dawn. Until this time, you can eat your ‘pre-fasting meal’ which is called sahur. This is because there wasn’t a clock during the era of Rasullalah. Even later, for quite a long time, it wasn’t invented.

08:57 Why don’t we fast from dusk till the next day’s dawn? You eat three times a day and your brain consumes it’s energy in order to make use of these meals. This refers to the process of keeping the brain’s energy to itself by reducing the energy used for digestion and making the brain stronger against the Sun’s radiation.

10:35 In short, without any comparison, there are great benefits from fasting for people.The hardest period of fasting is the first two days. As the body is programmed on a continuous diet, at exact periods, and especially because of the low glucose proportion, at the first day there may usually be a headache.

12:55 Fasting is giving up seeing an existence other than Allah, seeing no other authority than Allah, by means of comprehending Haqq the absolute authority on existence.

15:52 After explaining fasting, let us now focus on the subject of zakat in short. What is zakat? As stated in many places in the Quran, the phrase ‘Ve ekiymusSalate ve atuzZekate’ (aqiimus salaat wa atuuz zakat) (they fulfill their salat and pay alms) points out the importance of zakat.

18:23 The universes and our ‘universe’ (kainat) as one of the ‘universes’ were created from within Allah's quality of ‘rahmat.’



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