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The Difference Of Muhammad (saw)

The One denoted by the name Allah was disclosed to us by Muhammad (saw) who, rather than a prophet, was the Rasul of Allah!

What was his exception? How was he different to previous Rasuls?

Abraham (as), Moses (as) and Jesus (as) were all Rasuls of Allah too…

Why is it compulsory to confirm the Risalah of Muhammad (saw)?

Why is it implied that if we accept and confirm all other Rasuls but deny Muhammad (saw) we will lose everything?

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02:00 Muhammad (saw) READ the sunnatullah, and through verses and hadith he informed people about everything they need to know based on this system.

03:45 Like an android, they suffice with repeating the Quran andperforming the physical actions of the salat to worship their deity God! As such, they will pass through this world unaware of their loss! The incomprehension and unawareness of these realities will be their biggest punishment.

06:05 The ungrateful ones who think of the Rasul of Allah (saw) as a postman-prophet impede their own paths by succumbing to their nonsensical assumptions.

07:58 Muhammad (saw) is the final Nabi, because he has revealed all and everything of sunnatullah concerning humanity. The topic of ‘sunnatullah’ is extremely crucial.

08:59 We must realize and accept the following absolute truth: The One whose name is Allah is the One whose name is Allah. And a servant is a servant!

10:13 What is a servant? A servant is one who must obey the wants of the One denoted by the name Allah. 

11:40 All beings in the universe possess a form of consciousness befitting its own individual make-up, and the dimension and life in which it resides. A being from one dimension cannot perceive a being in another dimension due to its structural properties.

14:26 The part is the mirror of the whole, but a part can never be the whole, even if the whole exists in the part. A part is a part, not the whole!

17:10 The Sufis of the past expressed this reality as ‘a dream within a dream’. The point is a dream in the sight of Allah... The whole that projects within the angle of this point is also dream… Every iota within this whole that mirrors the whole is also dream…!

17:57 That is, the 11 dimensions, or the entire collection of parallel universes, are present within every iota, like the seeds inside a fig. That is all. And even this is a servant (abd) to Allah! 

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