The Function of The Reviver

Translated & Narrated by Aliya Atalay

While the titular Muslims, who haven’t succeeded in comprehending the reality of the phenomenon of religion, and think of it as the commands of a distant God, squander their lives with shallow and formalist mentalities; they are utterly unaware of all the activities of the Reviver of their time!

Here is a summary of my understanding of the Reviver’s purpose and function:

The Reviver, who (according to Imam Rabbani, Said Nursi and Kushadali) has commenced his duty between the Hijri years 1400-1410 (Gregorian 1970-1989), has already instigated an unmatched renewal in every area in the world…

Preceding Revivers, similar to Nabis and Rasuls that came to specific tribes or nations, served to correct the misconceptions pertaining to faith related issues of classical religious understanding…

The Reviver of our time, on the other hand, is here to serve as the representative of the Rasul of Allah (saw) and, hence, to address the whole of humanity, renewing and regenerating the lives and values of everyone and revitalizing the concept of religion, universally.

Despite the obliviousness of the great majority, the regenerative waves he has been emanating to the world since the 80s are being perceived by the brains that are receptive to that frequency and processed according to their natural disposition (fitrah) to produce various outcomes…

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