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Locked-Up Brains


For a long time now, I have been explaining these subjects, but still, many people ask me; ‘Why?’ ‘Although you have been explaining these subjects very clearly, we still do not understand them. We listen to you carefully, but after a short period of time we forget what you have said.

Why is this?

Why, do you think, we cannot understand what you have been explaining?’

The problem is that you are locking-up your brains.

Frequently, I have heard such things such as ‘I can’t understand it. I read and read, but still I don’t get it.

Then, when I think I have understood it, I realize that actually I have not. Why does this happen?’

This happens because sometime in the past you have locked-up your brain by your own hands.

What I mean is that you are not aware of the fact that when you hear a comment by someone, you can become locked-up by this comment.

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01:22 Let me be clear when I say this: whatever we do to others, we do to ourselves and we must then live the consequences of these deeds.

01:44 Your brain has locked itself up with something from the past, possibly from your adolescence.

02:41 Isn’t there any opportunity at all? There is an opportunity. The door of redemption is open.

03:36 The first step to true understanding is to leave yourself open to new things at all times, to value the researcher and be the questioner towards each new event and subject.

04:55 As a society locks up its brain on a particular subject, it can affect the next generation on that particular subject as well.

07:13 ‘Kufr’, or someone who denies the truth, is a product of having a locked-up brain.These brains of the unbelievers can not evaluate the truth of the name which refers to ‘Allah’, ‘Rasulallah’ or ‘Quran’.

09:29 In this situation, the best action will be to leave yourself open to that specific topic continuously. We should know that the judgments that we make are what we should be most aware of, and this causes us to become devoid of the eternal universal truths and countless secrets.

11:38 Although the people with locked-up brains or the ones who will their last days like me will probably not see the Reviver, at least we realize and know that he is the ONE who is a REVIVER. The Reviver, in my opinion, has come to the world with the function of renewing our religious understanding.

14:06 When you start to explain about the absolute qualities of the name referred to ‘Allah’, to a person who is totally unaware of the fact that the concept of a god is baseless and unrealistic,that person then applies all the newly explained information into this god concept, and renames it Allah!..

16:03 We must first purify our minds from the thoughts of a god or god-figure, or ‘a god outside ‘. The practices or meditations which are referred to as ‘ibadat’ are not for ‘a god outside’!... There is no such thing as practices or meditations to please ‘a god outside’!...

18:01 One of the most important and primary laws of the valid and current universal system created by the name referred to as ‘Allah’ is that ‘the strong will always prevails’.

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