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The Creator Within

Today science claims that what we call matter is entirely what the brain perceives based on the signals it receives through the eye and other senses…

As a matter of fact everything is composed of atoms and their subatomic dimension, so in actuality we’re all living in a subatomic universe of waves and frequencies!

Therefore everything in existence is composed of waves, matter isn’t real, matter is only a perception, now similarly, even though the brain looks and feels like it’s tangible matter. It is actually, based on its subatomic make-up, a chunk of waves composed of innumerous frequencies.

How does the brain work?

Everything we perceive is transmitted to the brain as electrical signals, or waves.

The brain decodes these waves and converts them, and then it turns them into forms and images, all of this transpires “inside” the brain, thus forming your world.

You are living inside the illusory world your brain has created.

You can claim “No I’m living and perceiving everything outside in the real world!” all you like… 

No, you’re living inside the illusory world your brain created based on the data it received from outside.

But how could that be?? 

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