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The Universe Inside The Brain

Hello dear inquisitive brains that contemplative and research. 50 years ago today, on the 13th of September 1963. I had commenced my research on these topics.

Who am I? What is existence? What is the essence of existence and myself?

It was a time in my life when I was seeking answers to my endless questions. Yet I did not believe in anything. I had to start somewhere, so I started on this date.

During this time, I left no area unquestioned and unsearched, and I applied all the necessary practices of this knowledge in my own life.

I always wondered, what is the essence of existence? What exactly is this thing called ‘I’? On which plane of existence does life continue? Is there life after death?

What is my place in the universe? What are the ‘worlds’? Where do the deceased go? Is there life in space? Do Aliens visit us?

I researched all of this. And now I would like to share my results in light of the latest scientific findings.

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02:25 It all begins with a thorough understanding of the brain. The brain is the be-all and end-all. The existence called ‘man’ is the brain.

06:16 What we call the material dimension is no other than what we call the quantum dimension. And what we call the quantum dimension is no other than the material dimension.

07:23 Quantum information is evaluated with the quantum brain. But according to the information the brain receives.

09:16 What you call the aliens, and all other forms that you are unable to perceive, all of it is a part of this single existence. But because the brain can’t evaluate the waves coming from them we can’t decode them.

11:30 The innumerous wavelengths outside this range are also being transmitted to brains via eyes that can perceive them, therefore there also brains that can perceive beings that possess the knowledge composed of those wavelengths.

13:14 We have no idea of the reality of the universe. 

15:20 In essence, existence is all about data perceiving data. The brain is also essentially a data pack. What we call the brain is a structure composed of data/information.

17:51 Your entire life is taking place in your brain. In the past they called this hologram world in one’s brain the realm of the grave.

20:09 Then it is imperative that you renew yourself, pop your delusional balloon and step into the world of reality. Renew yourself! 

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