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Brain and Prayer

Hello my dear friends,

Today, I’d like to mention the most important faculty in you. Perhaps you are aware of it perhaps not. But it’s that potency that will lead your eternal life, and of course, your life here in the world.

The power of prayer.

What is Dhikr?

This is the most important issue in a person’s life.

As both prayer and dhikr mean evaluating the brain properly, and so, revealing the divine potencies within the essence of being. We have tried to explain the following fact in details in our book entitled ‘THE POWER OF PRAYER'. Both prayer and dhikr (meditation with Allah Names) are some practices aimed for expanding the brain's dynamic capacity and enabling it to express qualities and potency which were bestowed by Allah.

In addition, through such practices, a person perfectly constructs his own afterlife body.

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01:44 You were brought into being with the Beautiful Names of Allah and within the awareness of HU. Therefore, the meanings that the beautiful Names of Allah indicate reveal themselves in your brain as your characteristics. When you repeat the Beautiful Names of Allah in your mind, you develop your brain to reveal the capabilities corresponding to these Names better.

02:55 This has worked for many people. Try it and see for yourself! Just keep practicing them continuously for a few months, and you will see the results even if you do not have any belief in their help.

03:55 That DHIKR is a SYSTEM of practice that increases the activity of cellular groups in the brain parallel to the meanings of words given in a list. Further explanation is available in more detail in our book ‘The Power of Prayer’.

05:33 That is, when you repeat the frequency of the meaning of a specific word in your brain, the frequency increases and expands through your brain cells, and makes the other dormant cells active by means of neurons and program them parallel to their frequency.

08:12 Especially after midnight, namely, in the hours when the sun is in the opposite place where you are and the radiation is in the minumum value, praying in the position of prostration is very effective.

10:19 It is a matter of fact that invisible creatures known as devils, jinni, teach and impress very wrong ideas in people through repetition. This deprives people of using the very effective arm of prayer.

12:35 Now, let’s pay attention to an article that was published on the 8th page in the Sabah (a newspaper) on June 11, 199. It was written under the title; 'Wars of the future will be telepathic'.

17:06 The universe is an ocean of waves. Just like our brain. Our brain is also an ocean of waves. Our brain receives the outer waves, evaluates, decodes, deciphers and attaining meanings to them, and then reveals  them in our awareness and consciousness.

19:21 The person who has passed to the next house realizes the eternity and what kind of beings he has to encounter within this eternal universe. This is exactly the same in the barzah, on doomsday (mahshar) and in heaven. The whole humanity will pass through hell with no exception at all. You are not going to hell because of what you did.

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