The Footsteps Of God!

If the minor signs of Doomsday that Muhammad (saw) mentioned have already come to pass and it is now time for the major signs to appear…

If the 26,000 year cycle of change pertaining to earth, mentioned by Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi in his Book of Gnosis (Marifatname) is to be completed in this century…

If the Mujaddid (Reviver) of the last century, who comes in the beginning of every Islamic Hijri century, is the final one… That is, if the Mujaddid who has come during the Hijri years 1401–1410 was the final Mujaddid and he is known as ‘al-Mahdi’ and if, according to record, he is only going to be recognized when he appears during a pilgrimage season (Hajj) in Mecca some time…

Then let us know that…

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02:06 Just as the ‘knowledge of the Mahdi period’ is becoming apparent on earth before the Mahdi himself, similarly, the ‘application of the Antichrist (Dajjal) period’ is also apparent and active on earth today. Now it is time for the actual persons to appear.

04:07 The word ‘jinn’ literally means ‘an invisible being’, i.e. invisible to the human eye. Based on this general meaning, ‘any and all conscious beings that are invisible to the human eye’ are categorized as the jinn.

06:09 The fact that mankind can only visually perceive 4-7ten-thousandth of a centimeter of wavelengths and thus can only accept those within this range as ‘existence’ is an outdated and backward notion!

08:32 While the Dajjal will introduce himself as ‘the Father who sent Jesus’ to non-Muslims, he will introduce himself as the ‘Reality’ (Haqq) to Muslims and demand their submission through ultimatums like “There is no other than the Reality to be worshipped in my being. I am the Reality (Haqq). 

10:20 The intimates of reality, the Sufis, all claim that existence constitutes dimensions within dimensions, the end point of which is the realization and experience of the individual’s nothingness in respect of the One within their essence!

11:45 Hence, based on all of the above, neither the jinn from earth or space who will become visible to the whole of humanity, nor the Antichrist Dajjal who will perform extraordinary acts with the help of the jinn, can be God.

13:03 As such, the most effective and fruitful practice man can do is to activate his prayer mechanism. Prayer is the act of turning to the One denoted by the name Allah, to actualize one’s aspirations, through the strength and power of Allah!

15:20 Thus, when one recites a prayer with the intention to seek protection, they are seeking refuge in the strength and power pertaining to the One denoted by the name Allah within their own essence. 

17:58 If the prayers for protection are read with the awareness of this mechanism they will certainly be a lot more effective in our lives. 

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