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What Is The Spirit Capable Of In The Afterlife? #23

As we said before, the physical world is a world that is based on the five senses.

But we also talk about certain values, forms, species and beings that are beyond what we perceive with our five senses. In essence, we know we are also beings beyond matter. Even though we’re currently using a biological body , our real life is going to continue in a dimension beyond matter, what they called ‘the realm of the spirits’ in the past, or the afterlife. How and what with? 

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03:27 The brain functions with the bioelectrical energy produced by the body and converts this energy into micro-wave energy. 

05:39 So we said the micro-wave body, or the spirit, is produced by this brain, how is it produced by this brain, with which system is our micro-wave body or spirit made?

08:46 In any case, the Quran says, “you will only see the results of your own doings” so it’s a great advantage for us if we understand this well. 

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