Reading the System

Narrated by B.Tomac

The ‘natural system of Allah’ was generally conceived as:

You’re born from random parents, you live your life to meet the necessities of the body (food, drink, sexuality, etc.) and then you leave everything behind and go.

On the other hand…

Does life continue after death?

Is there a god that controls and administers things from afar?

Do we have to give account for the things we did in this world?

If so, who is going to call us to account? A god in space, perhaps?

If such a god existed, where is he? How is he? How great is he?

Why did he create us in the first place? If he is free of need, why did he feel the need to create us?

Surely we couldn’t be alone in the universe, the jinn also exist! How did we coexist with them? At which point could they affect us, if they can? And to what extent?

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