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Prayer (Salat)


Allah is Great ! I bear witness that there is no god, there is only ALLAH. I bear witness that Muhammed (saw) is the Rasul of Allah. Come to prayer (Salah)... Come to salvation... Allah is Great !.. There is no god, there is only ALLAH.

That’s the adhan you know.

The Muhammadan adhan.

I am that Muhammadan.

What does Muhammadan mean? Please read the article named “I am Muhammadan” on my web site

I will no go further into about that topic. I only wish to explain an event that begins with the “adhan” (the call to prayer)

Allah is Great...

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01:35 A universe comprising not billions of stars but billions of galaxies and that is merely the universe within our  limits of perception. There are universes within universes, and even this sense of infinity is according to our capacity of comprehension.

02:46 I bear witness that there is no god, only ALLAH. I bear witness that there is neither a  god nor the concept of, godhood. There are no gods in the universe. There is no god  somewhere beyond, with a specific location, observing us on earth from the heavens!

04:44 Come to prayer (Salat). If you understood this divine, supreme, and exalted truth explained by Muhammad (saw) ... then come to prayer (salat). Salat is the state one experiences as a result of this.

06:03 “I bear witness that Muhammad is the Allah’s servitude and Rasul” reality is expressed as: There is no god, only ALLAH. Call to prayer(azan), azan-ı Muhammedian is telling all these.

09:11 I have turned my face (my consciousness) toward the BEING- 'Al-Fatir', who creates the heavens and earth and everything else and programmes them according to specific qualities and functions, cleansed from the concept of a deity as a Hanif and I am in a state of submission to Him.

13:02 ‘Being’ is the origin of every beneficence and blessing. Life is the existence of every good and blessing. Rahman creates us and bringg us into existence with our bodies and spirits, from nothingness, with divine will.

15:54 What must man, who has created as the result of the intrinsic qualities denoted by the names Rahman and Rahim, remember and experience at least 5 times a day through Salat?

17:36 We seek protection from becoming of those who deny this reality, and fall into misconceptions (that lead them away from) reality, and hence become deprived from their essence.

19:00 In accordance with the warning “The state in which an individual leaves the earth will be his eternal state of consciousness”, it is necessary for an individual not to forget the state experienced in salat and not be be unaware of its reality.


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