5. Al-Ma’idah (51-120)

51. O believers... Do not befriend the Jews and the Christians... They are friends with one another... Whoever befriends them, he will indeed become one of them... Certainly, Allah will not guide the wrongdoers (He will not enable those who do wrong to themselves to experience the reality)!

52. You will see those devoid of healthy thought (the hypocrites) saying, “We fear that things may turn against us” and hasten towards them (the Jews and the Christians)... Perhaps Allah will bring clarity or a verdict from Himself (HU) and they will become regretful over what they have been harboring within themselves.

53. The believers say, “Are they the ones who solemnly swear with all their might and in the name of Allah to be with you?” Their deeds have become worthless; they have become losers.

54. O believers... Whoever among you renounces his faith (should know that) Allah will bring (in your stead) a people who (He) will love, (and who) will love Him, who are humble toward the believers and honorable toward the deniers of the reality, who will fight in the way of Allah without fearing any condemnation from any condemner... That is the favor of Allah; He bestows it upon whom He wills. Allah is the Wasi, the Aleem.

55. Your only Waliyy is Allah, the Rasul of HU, and the believers; they establish salat and give alms bowing down.

56. Whoever befriends Allah, the Rasul of HU, and the believers (should know) the allies of Allah are the ones who will prevail!

57. O believers... Do not befriend those who take your religion in ridicule and amusement among those to whom the knowledge of the reality has been given before you, nor those who deny the reality! Protect yourselves from Allah, if you are people of faith!

58. And when you call to prayer they take ridicule and make fun of it... This is because they are people who are unable to use their intellect.

59. Say, “O those to whom the knowledge of the reality has been given, do you resent us just because we have believed in Allah, our essential reality, to what has been revealed to us, and to what was revealed before us? The majority of you have gone astray!”

60. Say, “Shall I inform you of how wretched the consequences of your deeds are in the sight of Allah? They are those who Allah cursed and with whom He became angry! (Allah) changed them into followers of apes (those who live in imitation without reason), swine (those who live for their carnal pleasures) and Taghut (satan – illusions – impulses)! They are the ones whose dwellings are the most wretched and who have gone astray from the sound way!

61. When they come to you they say, “We have believed”... But in reality, they come to you in a state of denial and leave you in a state of denial... Allah, as the creator of their actions, knows better what they hide.

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