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74 - Al-Muddathir

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. O wrapped one (Muddathir);

  2. Arise and warn!

  3. Realize the magnificence of your Rabb!

  4. Purify your garments (consciousness – brain)!

  5. Refrain from uncleanliness (duality, misevaluation)!

  6. And do not engage in good to acquire more (with greed)!

  7. Be patient for your Rabb!

  8. When that trumpet is blown (death, resurrection);

  9. It will be a difficult time, indeed!

  10. Not easy at all for those who deny (cover) the knowledge of the reality!

  11. So leave me (to deal) with the one I created alone;

  12. The one whom I granted wealth;

  13. And sons standing before him;

  14. And enabled the experience of expansive abundance!

  15. Yet he (greedily) wants me to increase it for him!

  16. Never! Indeed, he is very stubborn against Our signs.

  17. I will subject him to an arduous uphill climb.

  18. Indeed, he reflected and decided!

  19. May he die (and see the reality)! How he decided!

  20. Again, may he die (and see the reality)! How he decided!

  21. Then he looked.

  22. Then he frowned and scowled!

  23. Then he turned his back and became arrogant!

  24. And he said, “This is nothing other than narrated words of magic!”

  25. “It is no other than the words of a mortal!”

  26. I will subject him to Saqar (painful tormenting fire).

  27. And what informs you of Saqar?

  28. (Saqar) neither lets anything remain the same, nor does it let anything be!

  29. It burns and blackens the (flesh of) mortals!

  30. Over it are nineteen!

  31. We have appointed only (nineteen) angels (66:6) to be the wardens of the Fire (the hell of corporeality; not a breed of humans or the jinn)... And We specified their number (as if the number nineteen is meaningful) as an (object of) trial for the disbelievers... So, those to whom a Book (knowledge) has been given can know with certainty (what is referenced by these metaphors and thus confirm the revelation of Rasulullah [saw]) and so those who believe (in the nubuwwah and risalah of Rasulullah [saw]) will increase in faith (the knowledge of certainty; ilm al-yakeen) and so those (who acquire solid knowledge) to whom a Book (knowledge) has been given (and those who have attained certainty in faith) do not fall into doubt! And so those in whose hearts there is sickness (doubt, who are devoid of healthy thought) and the disbelievers (who are veiled from and thus deny the reality) can say, “What did Allah intend to reference with this example?”... Thus Allah misguides whom He wills and guides whom He wills. Only HU knows the armies (forces) of your Rabb! This (Saqar and other metaphors) is only a reminder for people.

  32. No! I swear by the Moon,

  33. And the night, when it returns,

  34. And the morning, when it brightens.

  35. Indeed, it is one of the greatest things!

  36. A warning for the people;

  37. For whoever wants to go forward or stay behind.

  38. Everyone is bound by the results of their own deeds!

  39. Except for the people of the right!

  40. They are in Paradises... They ask,

  41. The guilty ones:

  42. “What has let you into the Saqar (the entwining fire with immense flames)?”

  43. They say, “We were not of those who established (actively experienced) salat!”

  44. “Nor did we feed the poor.”

  45. “And we indulged (in egotistic pleasures) with those who indulged!”

  46. “And we denied the time of religion (sunnatullah – that recompense will definitely be experienced for all actions)!”

  47. “Until finally there came to us certainty (confrontation of the reality)!”

  48. Then the intercession of the intercessors will not avail them.

  49. What is the matter with them that they turn away from the one who reminds them?

  50. They are like wild donkeys running about in fear!

  51. As though fleeing in fear from a lion!

  52. Perhaps each one of them desires to be given pages (of revelation)!

  53. No! They do not fear the eternal life to come!

  54. No! Indeed, it is but a reminder!

  55. Whoever wills will remember (and evaluate) it!

  56. And they cannot remember (and evaluate) unless Allah wills... He enables protection to whom He wills and forgives whom He wills.

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