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76 - Al-Insan

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Has there not been a time, when man was not a thing even mentioned? (Man was not yet manifest; he was the unmanifest within the dimension of the Names)!

  2. Indeed, We created man from a mixture of (genetic heritage) sperm and made him as one who perceives and evaluates.

  3. We showed him the way (to use his intellect and believe). He will either be grateful (and evaluate his Rabb) or be a denier (of the Truth)!

  4. Indeed, We have prepared for those who deny the knowledge of the reality chains (environmental conditionings and value judgments) and shackles (the ties of corporeality) and a blaze (of fire – burning).

  5. And indeed, the righteous will drink from a cup whose mixture is Kafur (a drink that strengthens the heart).

  6. (That drink) is an endless spring that they (the servants of Allah) will cause to gush forth and flow.

  7. They (the righteous) keep their vows and they fear a day whose evil spreads far and wide!

  8. They feed the needy, the orphans and captives out of their love for Him.

  9. Saying, “We feed you for the sake of Allah... We ask of you neither a return nor thanks.”

  10. “We fear from our Rabb a wrathful and intense time.”

  11. So Allah will protect them from the evil of that time and give them brightness and joy.

  12. And the respite for their patience will be Paradise and silk.

  13. They will lean on lounges therein and see neither the (burning) sun nor the (freezing) cold (meaning bodily senses will not be valid in that dimension of life).

  14. The shades will be near above them, and its fruits (gnosis) will be lowered.

  15. Silver cups and crystal vessels will circulate among them.

  16. Silver and crystal cups of which they have determined the amount.

  17. And they will be given a cup whose mixture is of ginger.

  18. A fountain named ‘Salsabeel’.

  19. Young servants who are immortal will circulate among them... You will think they are scattered pearls when you see them!

  20. And wherever you look you will (only) see bounty and a great sovereignty.

  21. And they will be in garments made of fine silk and brocade, adorned with silver bracelets... And their Rabb will have given them pure wine (the euphoric state caused by the exposure to the reality...).


    Note that all these descriptions pertaining to Paradise are similes and figurative representations as mentioned in the verses 13:35 and 47:15. This should not be forgotten.

  22. Indeed, this is your reward (the results of your deeds)! Your faithful practices have been duly appreciated!

  23. Indeed, it is Us, yes Us, who revealed the Quran to you (manifested it through you part by part)!

  24. So, be patient for the command of your Rabb and do not follow any from among them who rebels or covers the reality in persistent denial.

  25. Remember (dhikr) the name of your Rabb by morning and by night!

  26. And prostrate to him in a part of the night; glorify (tasbih) Him extensively during the night.

  27. Indeed, these ones love the world in front of them without considering the intense hardship of the time that is to come after it.

  28. We created them and strengthened their ties... And We will replace them with their like whenever We will.

  29. Indeed, this is a reminder (of the reality)! So, whoever wills may take the path to his Rabb.

  30. You cannot will unless Allah wills (your will is Allah’s will)! Indeed, Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim.

  31. He includes whom He wills to His grace. As for the wrongdoers, He has prepared an intense suffering for them.

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