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104 - Al-Humaza

"Audhu billahi minash shaytanirrajeem"

Bismi Llaahi l-raḥmaani l-raḥeem

  1. Woe to every gossiper and abusive reprobate!

  2. Who collects wealth and counts it and recounts it (constantly checking his bank account to see how much money he has)!

  3. Thinking his wealth will make him immortal!

  4. No, (it is not like what he thinks)! Indeed, he will surely be thrown into the Crusher (the crushing torment).

  5. And what informs you of the Crusher?

  6. It is the inflamed fire of Allah (ignited in the mind, deriving from his nature)!

  7. Covering the hearts (the reflectors of the Names to consciousness).

  8. Indeed, it closes in on them (they are eternally trapped in it),

  9. In extended columns.

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