28. Al-Qasas

By the one who is denoted by the name Allah (who created my being with His Names in accord with the meaning of the letter ‘B’), the Rahman, the Rahim.


1. Ta, Sin, Meem.

2. These are the signs of the Clear Book (clearly manifest system and order).

3. We shall narrate some of the news of Moses and Pharaoh, as Truth, for people who believe.

4. Indeed, the Pharaoh had established supremacy in that land and had divided the people into various classes. Seeking to weaken and debase one class, he was slaying their sons and sparing their women... Indeed, he was of those who caused corruption.

5. So We wished to favor those who were left helpless and abased, and make them leaders and inheritors.

6. And to secure them in that land, and to subject the Pharaoh and Haman (his high priest) and their forces to the very thing they feared!

7. We revealed to Moses’ mother, “Suckle him, and then when you fear for him, leave him in the river (Nile)... Have no fear or grief! Indeed, We will return him to you and make him of the Rasuls!”

8. Then Pharaoh’s family found him as a lost child and picked him up... Later to become an enemy and a source of grief for them... Indeed, the Pharaoh and Haman and their forces were doing wrong things!

9. The Pharaoh’s wife said, “He will be a source of joy, for both me and you. Do not slay him! Perhaps he will be beneficial for us or we can adopt him as our son”... They were not aware.

10. And the heart of Moses’ mother became full with the thoughts of her son... Had We not given her a sense of security to be of the believers, she would nearly have disclosed his identity.

11. (Moses’ mother told Moses’ sister) “Watch him”... So she watched him from afar without them noticing.

12. First we forbade wet nurses to him, (Moses didn’t suckle any wet nurse) then (his sister) said, “Shall I tell you of a family who will raise him on your behalf and take good care of him?”

13. Thus We returned him to his mother so that she may be comforted and not grieve and so that she may know the promise of Allah is True... But most of them do not know.

14. When (Moses) reached maturity (when he was 33 years old) and when he reached the age of (40, when one is able to duly evaluate affairs through maturity) We bestowed him with the law and knowledge... Thus We reward the doers of good.

15. (Moses) entered the city at an hour when all had withdrawn to their homes... He saw two men trying to kill one another... One from his own people and the other from his enemies. The one who belonged to his people asked for his help against the enemy... So Moses struck him with his fist and killed him... Then he said, “This is Satan’s doing (bodily pursuits and ties). Indeed, he (Satan, the thought you are the body) is an open enemy.”

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