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Spirit, Angel and Jinn #12

The spirit is a word we often see repeathed in the Quran. In fact we use this word quite frequently in our daily lives as well. There are a few expressions such as “I have blown from my Spirit’” and “They ask you about the Spirit”.

How are we to understand and position the meaning of ‘spirit’ mentioned here? According to this verse, are we not supposed to discuss the matter of spirit? 

If you view the second verse from a flawed perspective, you should in fact not even talk about the first verse!

The verse “Ve nefahtü fiyhi min ruhi (15:29); breathed into Him from my Spirit” is read at face value and not analyzed, as the second verse: “Ve yes'eluneke anirRuh (17:85); And they ask you, about the spirit.

Those that misunderstand this verse due to insufficient background from Hadiths claim that one “must not” discuss the spirit. If they were to study and reflect on the matter, they would understand the origin of this verse.

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01:39 Three Jewish scholars are sent to verify the authenticity of the Rasul of Allah. They ask him three questions, one concerning the spirit.

02:39 The Jews have not been given knowledge or information pertaining to the spirit. An individual who does not posess knowledge of the spirit, who is not in touch with his own spirit, cannot become a saint.

03:29 It is the qualities of the inherent Names! “I blew from my Spirit” actually refers to the fact that the individual existence is composed from His names.

04:39 The spirit has yet another meaning; the existence beyond the body. The existence that remains after the death of the body.

06:06 Angels are the light of the knowledge of Allah (Nur). They cannot be seen. The Jinn, on the other hand can be seen.

07:36 The angels Gabriel, Michael, Azrael (angel of death), and Raphael, there existence is compositions of the meaning of the Names. What is referred to and Gabriel is a force (or power) of knowledge, an exteremly vast composition of meanings. It has no form - it is pure knowledge (Nur).

08:24 That angelic entity which in its origin is formless will take form based on the information that manifests it in your brain. Your brain will form it from its own database. 


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