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Dreams – Déjà Vu – Ecmnesia – Past Lives

During sleep, one is free from the limitations of his body, in proportion with the sensitivity of his brain, and thus begins to ascend… This ascension may either be vertical or horizontal. 

If the ascension takes place horizontally, he may travel around the world and see places he has never seen before, depending on how much he can release himself from the conditioning of his bodily senses, as many factors play a role in this…

It is at this level that he may encounter the jinn…

I would like to give an example from my own life. In 1965, while I was going to Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) by using the motorway, I went to the South East region of Turkey and I stopped by the city of Gaziantep. While I was there, I went to see the Colonel N. who was a judge in the army and was one of my close friend’s uncle in law. When I went there and saw the premises of the military barracks and its garden, I was very much surprised, because I knew that I had definitely seen that place before. 

Now, those who believe in reincarnation will immediately make the following interpretation: ‘It is most certain that in your previous life, you were either an army officer or a soldier and you must have done your military service there, which is why you can remember that place’. 

In fact, what has been sighted does not have any connection with what they claim. Because, even though I cannot state an exact date when, I remember very clearly seeing the exact scene in a dream some time before. If it were possible for me to have lived in that place before, then surely some changes should have taken place since that time. 

As I said, the situation is very simple and clear to understand. During sleep, the upper part of the body, also referred to as ‘the human’ or the ‘astral body’ leaves the physical body and enters the astral plane, making a horizontal tour. Clearly, I had seen this place during one of these tours. 

Apart from this, many of my dreams whether related to the past or the future have actualized in exactly the same manner as I have shared above. 

So, to wrap it up, all such dreams (referred to as ‘ru’yah’ in Arabic, which means ‘sight’) takes place during the sleep as a result of the horizontal ascension of the upper structure of the body. 

As for vertical ascensions…

Let us start with an example...

As I have previously explained from the scientific view point, the concept of time and place is relative, it is experienced differently by everyone…

For example, imagine that you are in an infinitely big desert, and you are walking in the middle of a long caravan. It is so long that you can’t see its beginning or end. The places that you can see and recognize are limited to a distance of only a few meters within the scope of your eye sight. 

Now, the places that you see within a certain period of time, say within one hour, will be considered ‘past’ after that hour is over and you’ve walked all that distance. The area that you’re walking through at that particular instant would then become the ‘present’ for you while only an hour ago it was the ‘future’…

Similarly, for someone walking behind you, your current position would be regarded as the ‘future’ for them and their current position at that moment, i.e their “present” would be the ‘past’ for you. 

Now consider a helicopter entering the scene, picking you up and rising towards the sky vertically. What will happen then? 

While the area you had just seen within a few hundred meters were regarded as your ‘present’, the places you are seeing now as you rise higher and higher will begin to expand and what you had seen an hour ago and what had become the ‘past’ for you, will now become the ‘present’ and hence the past and future will slowly diminish while the ‘present’ continues to expand.

Eventually you may reach a point at which you may be able to see the entire caravan and desert…  While time and space is still applicable to those in the caravan, you will have become freed of these concepts. Your ascension will have saved you from this limitation. 

So, we may conclude that to the extent that one is able to ascend vertically (we do not yet have sufficient knowledge on what causes vertical ascension in dreams) and free himself from his physical conditioning, he will begin to encompass the past and the future… 

For nothing that is nonexistent becomes existent and nothing that exists becomes nonexistent. Based on this principle, everything that has transpired in the “past” (the relative past, based on your current position) is present and existent as certain wavelengths in space.

If we had a powerful radio in our hands that is capable of interpreting these waves into signals that our ears can analyze and hear or if we had a television set that could show these waves to our eyes, we would then be able to see the past as if we were living it now. 

Likewise, the future descends from the heavens, which in Islamic terminology means “dimensions” referring to levels of different heights, in the form of waves at every instant.

In other words, depending on the extent of the vertical ascension one is able to make, one may observe the ‘past’ and the ‘future’ in his ‘present’ moment.

This is why some people make vertical ascensions in their dreams and go to those times, experiencing those events almost as if they are living it. When they come back to earth, that is when they wake up in the dimension of the physical body, they are able to recount their experiences. 

Anyone who believes in reincarnation and observes this event would immediately attribute it to the previous life of that person, interpreting it as the individual remembering his previous life. However, it is most certain that it has no connection whatsoever with something that has been lived in a past life. 

Déjà vu is similar to this. 

The individual sees places and events that he had never seen before through dreams, but then forgets them completely. 

Besides dreams, it is also possible to see visions generated by the jinn.

As for ecmnesia, the person is put to sleep through hypnosis and sent to a period 5-10 or 40-50 years in the past, then asked to explain the life at that time…

However, if the hypnotized person is sent to a time period below his current age, for example to 100-200 years before he was born, then he starts to explain the life of another person who lived in another place as if it were his own life…

So, what is the reality behind this? It is actually quite simple…

I had already explained that during necromancy sessions one thinks he is making contact with the ‘spirits’ while in fact he is making contact with the jinn who are compatible with his make-up. I had also mentioned that the life span of a jinn is 10-15 times more than that of a human. In fact, there are those who were born 1350 years ago are still alive today. 

Moreover, many things that are ‘unknown’ to us are not unknown to the jinn; they are visible to them. 

Now the moment a person falls asleep, the circuits of his brain related to the faculties of thought and reasoning become ineffective. Therefore, the brain becomes prone to all kinds of stimuli and influences. 

While in this state, the body, together with all its functions goes under the influence of a jinn whose frequency is most compatible with that person’s make-up. From that moment onwards, it is no longer the person who we are in contact with, but the jinn who has taken over. 

After this point, you can take the individual to the past or the future as much as you will, he will be able to answer all your questions, because for the jinn, this knowledge is no secret.

If you say, “But if we go to a period before the birth of that individual, then we encounter some other personality, who is clearly the individual’s spirit who lived before in the body of another person! So, this is the proof that the spirit of the same human being lives in other bodies with different personalities” …

Then I will give the following answer:

In such a circumstance, rather than that individual, it is the jinn who starts giving examples from the life of another person who happened to live somewhere else. 

Meanwhile, all emotional reactions the hypnotized person’s body gives as he supposedly remembers these are generated in his brain by the manipulation of the jinn.

It is common knowledge today that computers can stimulate sensory areas of the brain with electrical signals directed to specific regions of the brain connected with certain emotions. These pulses when given appropriately stimulate an electrochemical response from the targeted cells, which ripples across the brain, making the individual cry or laugh. The world of medical science is well aware of this situation. 

Hence the jinn send impulses to the brain of the hypnotized person to create the behavioral reactions that are needed. 

Those who witness this cannot really understand what is going on; they simply assume that these reactions are due to the person’s experiences in the past. 

A few years ago, a jinn appeared as angel to a group of people in Ankara, claiming his name to be ‘Basheer-al Kiraam’. He explained in detail all the stages of the battle that took place between Sultan Alparslan and Romanos Diogenes in 1071. This was a truly amazing event. The “angel” told them how the war was carried out and narrated the conversations that took place between Alparslan and Diogenes from their own mouths, in their own original words and accents, after which he translated them. The people who witnessed this event were fascinated to such degree that some of them even devoted themselves to this “angel” as though he were a god. 

Thus, in such events, it is always a jinn that appears through the person who is hypnotized; it is a jinn that talks to and answers the questions of the people there …

Therefore, there is no such thing as reincarnation, the truth behind it is as I have described.

Finally, let us move on to the fourth point, people remembering their ‘past lives’… 

This also clearly has to do with relationship with the jinn…

Many elderly people especially those from the region of Anatolia are closely familiar with these events that are now being modernized and presented as reincarnation…

When I previously talked about ‘humans who are unaware of their subservience to the jinn’ I had touched on the topic of reincarnation and noted that I will cover more on it in proceeding chapters…

So let me now explain:

In the case of ecmnesia the same story about one’s past life is being repeated. However, this time, he’s recalling it not during his sleep but in his awake state. 

So, what is making this individual talk about his past life?

It is very simple…

A jinn begins to manipulate the brain of the person without him being aware and talks from his mouth, giving information about the life of another person who had lived in the past, as though it was the life of the person through whose mouth he is talking. That is, the person is more like a robot, used and controlled by the jinn…

Since others who are witnessing this are not able to see what is really going on due to their sensory limitations, they are unable to reach the truth behind it, and hence claim it is due to reincarnation.

To conclude, all examples that are put forth to ‘prove reincarnation’ are rendered invalid once the existence of the jinn – whose make up I have already explained – is accepted and known. In this light, the truth behind all such events becomes apparent and clear.

For this reason, I would like to underline that spiritualism, parapsychology or other such concepts are indeed all different versions of the same phenomenon related to the jinn, who were well known and accepted in the past, but are being denied today simply because their reality isn’t understood.

Whether in the name of spiritism or through other means, it is not possible to benefit from the jinn. They will most certainly speak correctly up to a certain point, but will eventually cause divergence, leading people astray and causing harm to those who believe in them… However, due to the nature of humans, they will almost never know this. 

As I have already pointed out before, whenever you examine those who believe in the jinn, it is evident that they have one thing in common. 

Every one of them is curious, good willed and likes to do research. But they have no knowledge whatsoever on religion, especially on Islam. Most importantly, they deny the reality of the jinn which has an important place in the ‘Quran’ and are thus easy targets for the jinn who fool them in the guise of ‘spirits’…

Today, in Turkey there are many associations who deal with spiritism or necromancy, and invisible beings who make contact through these associations. However, they always seem to work secretly behind the scenes… Nowadays for example they think they’re receiving directions from the aliens… 

They never accept into their circle those who do not believe in them… If by accident such a person ends up joining them, they never let him ask any questions or argue with them in any way. 

For they if they do, the jinn with whom these associations are in contact with know that their lies will become obvious. For this reason, they try to protect their status by trying not to get degraded in any way in the eyes of those who believe in them.

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