I am a Muhammadan!

Hello my dear friends…

Did you know we are “Muhammadans!”

You’re going to ask, “What does ‘Muhammadan’ mean?”

‘Muhammad’ is a servant of Allah! To be a ‘servant of Allah’ means to strive to be of benefit to mankind, regardless of all differences and without any discrimination, just like the grace and mercy of Allah upon the entire creation. It means to give unrequitedly to people, without expecting a return.

It means to not blame, condemn, belittle and despise others for things that are out of their control. It means love, grace and compassion.

Being a Muhammadan means being a giver.

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01:05 We love the Alawi, the Sunni, the Turk, the Kurd and the Arab. We love all of Allah’s servants!

02:03 Whether you are born in Turkey, Africa or the Unites States of America… We are all the servants of the same Allah! Being a Muhammadan means to oversee the differences among people; it means to love people, and to be tolerant towards them…

03:03 We say, “Allah is not a deity-god up in the heavens!” Allah is the presence, the existence within all of our hearts, our consciousness and every iota of our being!

03:43 So let us not blame and despise people for their inadequate or incorrect knowledge!

05:11 People cannot be blamed for things that are not in their control. The biggest mistake is to despise and blame others for things that are not their own choice.

06:01 What is the point of discriminating each other and causing each other to suffer and become miserable in a world we are occupying only temporarily?

07:19 I say “I am a Muhammadan”! This means, “I am of those who respond with grace, regardless of people’s religious order and sect, regardless of their beliefs”… Muhammad’s (saw) forefather was Abraham (as).

08:13 Allah accepted Abraham’s prayer… A short while later a voice called out from outside… “Is anyone here?”

09:11 How can I share this blessing which Allah gave me with someone who does not recognize Him and who refuses Him?”

09:59 “My Rabb said, ‘I have been feeding my servant for a hundred years even though He does not recognize me, who are you to send him away and refrain your food from him!’…

10:32 We are the generation of Abraham! We are the generation of Muhammad Mustapha! We are Muhammadans!

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