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The Make-Up of the Jinn and Their Common Attributes

The ‘jinn’ who can sometimes appear as matter even though they are commonly imperceivable by the human eye, are of two types:

1. Jinn... Forms of consciousness that are outside the spectrum of human perception. 

2. The Animal Spirit - Hologram body



The jinn are conscious beings, commonly known as ghosts, spirits, entities, etc., who commonly delude people into thinking they are aliens or the spirits of people who have passed away.

They derive their self-consciousness or “I-ness” from the SPIRIT as I have explained in previous chapters. 

In terms of their level of consciousness they are inferior to humans… 

In order for a jinn to know itself it needs a wave body, a hologram, which when given, marks their birth…

In the absolute sense, their death takes place during Doomsday, as is the case with humans… 

In the simple and general sense, their death, similar to humans, happens when they leave their hologram body at the end of their determined life span… 

Even though their span of life is similar to humans, due to their make-up and attributes, it can last up to 700-1000 years, according to our concept of time. According to theirs, this feels like 60-70 years…

Due to their make-up, they have many advanced qualities, despite this, their level of consciousness is much lower than humans… A human with a high level of consciousness is much superior in level than a jinn with an advanced level of consciousness.

Their characteristic make-up is simpler and more primitive than humans. They display what we call unfavorable or negative behavior very frequently. They usually engage in adverse and destructive activity. However, among them there are also religious and devout jinn, and sometimes, though rarely, saints.

Their biggest entertainment is causing mischief among the weaker humans to possess and manipulate them for their own cause.

All attributes commonly associated with “Satan” actually belong to the jinn. As “satanism” is an attribute of the jinn; there is no “Satan” besides the jinn. 

We will explore the qualities and attributes of the jinn in more detail in the following chapters. For now, let us examine their hologram body.

Because the jinn are not bound by matter as we know it, they have access to information of the past… As for the future, again due to their make up, they have some insight as to what may transpire but they don’t know for sure, they definitely don’t know in detail, and as a matter of fact, most times they are inaccurate.


The Animal Spirit – Hologram Body

The make up this hologram body is composed of waves that has not yet been scientifically discovered. Though I believe it won’t be too difficult to detect by the qualified if they work on it…

These waves the same qualities as the human wave body explained in previous sections…

The functions of their body are uploaded to the hologram body, they can appear as matter when they please, and they are not bound by time and space…

They have the mobility and speed to be anywhere in the world they like.

But how does their life span last 1000 years?

As aforementioned, the lifespan of the jinn is approximately 10-13 times the average human life span, i.e. 700-1000 years… Some are known to live up to 1400 years…

They owe the longevity of their life span to their make-up and ‘velocity’, which is much higher than that of humans…

Let me try to explain this in the light of science…

In physics there is a phenomenon whereas velocity increases time slows down… When velocity reaches a particular threshold, time stops altogether.

Distinguished physicist Paul Langevin describes this as the famous twin paradox: 

"This remark gives a way, for any of us, who is willing to devote two years of his life, of knowing how the Earth will be in two hundred years time, to explore the future of the Earth, by hopping forward in the history of the latter, of two centuries, corresponding in his own life to only two years; but without any hope of return, without the possibility to come and inform us of the result of his journey, because any similar attempt can only throw him further and further into the future. 

It is sufficient for this that our traveler agrees to shut himself up in a projectile, sent away from the Earth, with a speed sufficiently close to that of light, although less, which is physically possible, arranging that an encounter occurs with, for example, a star, after one year in the life of the traveler, that sends the spaceship back towards the Earth with the same speed. Returning to Earth, having aged by two years, he will climb out of his vehicle and find our globe aged by at least two hundred years, if his speed had stayed within an interval of less than twenty-thousandth of the speed of light. Established experimental facts of physics allow us to state that the situation will really be as the one just described".[1]

This is due to the acceleration of time… 

Indeed, because the jinn are not bound by matter, they exist at an extremely accelerated velocity.

Due to this velocity, they experience what seems 70 years to us in a span of 700 years… Hence, based on our concept of time and velocity we can conclude that the life span of the jinn is ten times the life span of humans, though in their concept of time and space it is like 70 years.

While the jinn live up to what seems like a thousand years to us, the subatomic particles ‘pion’ (or a pi meson) have a mean lifetime of 26,033 nanoseconds! The u mesons can travel up to a few km, sometimes more than ten km, before they decay or ‘die’!

Now the jinn possess several significant attributes, which can also be seen on humans who have inadvertently become possessed by the jinn.

1. The jinn lack logical integrity. 

2. The jinn have delusions of grandeur, or ‘superiority complex’. 

3. The jinn have a very weak self-control mechanism. 

4. The jinn frequently repeat themselves. 

Regardless of what it’s called or where on earth it is encountered, the speech given by the jinn always display these properties.  


1. The jinn lack logical integrity.


If you pay attention to the sermons given by the jinn or by “aliens” you can clearly see that there is no logic or coherence in their claims; it is full of contradiction. They jump from one topic to another and to cover their inconsistency they make excuses like “We present these discrepancies to test you and encourage you to contemplate”. 

The truth is they are full of discrepancies. This is because even though they are astute and quick-witted, they are intellectually limited. They can quickly present a solution to the current problem on hand but because of their limited intellect their solution will almost always conflict with either a previous claim or one they will make in the future. 


2. The jinn have delusions of grandeur or ‘superiority complex’.

Their delusion of grandeur is not only in the egoistical sense but also in terms of physical dimensions. 

While they try to present themselves as the governors of earth, they cause confusion among the people using dimensional grandeur. To prove their superiority, they place hierarchy between themselves and humans, going as far as claiming they are from outer space. 

The majority of those who believe that the jinn are “aliens” lack fundamental knowledge of Islam and Sufism. They have no insight into what the Quran or the Rasul of Allah (saw) says regarding these topics. Hence, when they encounter these seemingly ‘extra-ordinary’ stories or experiences they are easily fooled by them. 

Moreover, the jinn cause illusory visions and hallucinations making their stories even more compelling to believe.

Another important tactic the jinn use is approaching every society with their specific cultural values and beliefs, thereby making it easier for those populations to believe and accept them. 

While their contact with the irreligious is completely different, they approach the devout with religious values or by using the name of an important saint, hence easily deceiving those with pure intentions.


3. The jinn have a very weak self-control mechanism. 

Due to their lack of self-control, they easily lose their balance or go too far; they rarely know when and where to stop. 

They may start their speech from a seemingly sophisticated high-level but before you know it, they inadvertently reveal their primitiveness. 

Sometimes they go as far as claiming they are the creators of the Creator, at other times they claim they have personified and embodies Allah and sent Him down to earth, and sometimes they claim to be the devout servants of Allah whilst doing everything they can to divert the believers away from religion and the teachings of the Rasul of Allah (saw).


4. The jinn frequently repeat themselves. 

While they constantly preach to the people to impose their superiority the jinn intermittently repeat themselves or repeat their sentences. 

Most of their sermons consist of the same sentences with perhaps one or two different words.

My understanding of why this may be is:

1. Repeating certain words, like dhikr, enables them to manipulate the neural pathways of the psychics with whom they connect in order to strengthen their bondage.

2. To save time when they have an intellectual block up. 

Let us now see what the Quran says about the jinn, the incidents that occurred between the jinn and the Rasul (saw) and the prominent viewpoints on the jinn discussed in various religious sources.

[1] Langevin, 1911, p. 50.


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