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If You Knew, What You Missed

Hello friends!

I don’t like telling stories, but some people say it is more comprehensible when we tell our subjects through stories. So, let me tell you one at this time. 

A man parked his car in front of the coach builder near the entrance of a small town to take a break… He saluted the builder, who was busily working on his next carriage… The coach builder took a quick glance at the man’s white automobile, gave him a smile, then turning his nose up, he said: “Listen man, these satanic cars are dangerous things! You urbanites are quite keen but, take it from me, these cars will bring trouble to you! They may be faster than my carriages but, God forbid, they can tumble over! My carriages have spring suspension, they are very comfortable… I always make the seats soft and the wheels big, with one turn one can traverse quite a distance! You can go from here to the city at once; you don’t need to worry about fuel either! You can open the awning if it rains or if its too sunny, and you have the option of riding without the awning if you want to enjoy the scenery… The bridles are made from fine leather; they are durable yet gentle on your hands, plus my carriages are designed for two carthorses, so you can travel long distance as well! We put in a lot of science and innovation into our carriages, the perimeter of the wheels, the balance, the height, all of this requires a lot of calculation… We believe in the carriage trade and keep up to date with new improvements…”

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03:03 The visitor observed the crowd in silence and listened patiently, then politely said: “Good on you, my friend, you are doing a great job… May Allah increase your strength and success… 

04:49 After sharing this story with you, I would like to draw your attention to the following: An increasing number of Muslims, leaving Islam aside, are looking into Buddhism and other such beliefs, claiming Buddhism is the reality of Sufism and one can attain nirvana by saying “Aum”…

06:35 The truth is the sun of the Quran and Islam shines upon humanity, encompassing and addressing everyone, until the end of time, no matter what their background may be!

07:36 If only we can see the Rasulullah sun, the monument of love who said: “Facilitate, don’t make things hard for yourself, promote love, not hatred”… If only we can see the magnificent man who dedicated his life to saving the eternal lives of people…

08:44 If only we can truly evaluate the Nabi of Allah who said: “If two Muslims draw swords against each other, both the killer and the killed are in hell”...

09:46 If only we can be cleansed from the archaic illusion that ‘everything is confined to what is visible; what is not visible does not exist’!

11:41 If only we could read, through insight, the manual of the universal system; the magnificent Book of Knowledge and its timeless truths!

15:42 New things become apparent coupled with new applications! Old methods cannot yield new products! Every new product is produced by a new method; the new can never be obtained via the old, according to my understanding. 

17:15 Shame on us, if we understand and interpret the Holy Book, preserve its authenticity and freshness till doomsday, include feature addresses to that age’s people with the repetition of yesterday, as the people of old times in this day.

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