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Astrology from A Sufi Perspective

Let’s start by compiling the thoughts of Ibn Arabi on the creation of existence and the cosmos from his work Al-Futuhat Al-Makkiyya (Revelations in Mecca); Ibn Arabi says:

Allah, while nothing was with him, became present with the attribute of existence.  It can be said that Allah is existence itself.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) stated:

“There was Allah, and there was nothing else with him.”

Allah is unknown from the perspective of His Absolute Self and Essence, and this state of the unknown and the unseen is called Knowledge (Ilm).

The original form of Allah was a cloud-like dust (could also be understood as the quantum potential).  Here existence was present in its hidden (inner-inactive) form.  It was impossible for the cosmos to become manifest from this hidden form.

It was this first cloud-like dust that enabled the RAHMAN to activate its name ZAHIR.  Through a sort of transformation Allah chose a spiritual form in the reflection of His Self. 

When Allah looked at His Self through His Absolute Essence (dhat) he saw his Self, filled with endless qualities and attributes. Knowledge (Ilm) was the first glance at this discovery.

And the endless attributes are an inherent part of this data.  It is due to the observation of these attributes within Himself that Allah is referred to as ‘The First Intellect’ (Aql al-awwal).  This intellect (consciousness) observes the existence of attributes within the quantum potential, as His Self.  Existence becomes manifest from this consciousness which is the quantum potential.

And this became known as the Preserved Tablet (al-lawh al-mahfuz), the natural requirement of His being.  And with it, this all became known as Life, Knowledge, Will, and the power to manifest.

From the perspective of the Elements, fire-air-water-earth, the perspective of objects, heat, moisture, cold, dryness, the perspective of lifeforms, blood, yellow bile, black bile, phlegm.

Then the First Intellect began its observation of His Self from this dust (the quantum potential). But there was nothing other than these attributes… So, existence is none-other than the observation of the quantum potential, as is the manifestation of His command.  As a natural result of this observation, the manifestation of attributes (qursi), the cosmos, the heavens, the skies, the elements, and their eventualities.  The father of this existence is Intellect, the mother, the Self.

And know this, Allah has formed the universe of waves from the quantum potential and formed galactic structures within it.  Here, twelve segments have been formed.  These are called Astrological signs.

These signs can be split into worldly elements as earth, water, air, fire. (What is emphasized by these elements is not their material form, but the frequency that they are associated with) 

Each sign represents a heavenly power and all events are initiated from these heavenly signs.  All change and confusion is due to the changes and re-organizations emanating from these signs.

In reality, our world is shepherded by the twelve powers housed across the twelve signs. As the heavens are governed by four principles, so can these twelve signs be divided into four categories.

There are three stations, worldly life, purgatory, and the after-life. Each station has four categories, each having an effect on their station. If we multiply the three stations with the four categories, we find the twelve signs.

As this world that feels like heaven to us will turn to hell on doomsday (with the sun engulfing the earth), purgatory is also under the command of these four levels, as is heaven.

Among these, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are of similar rank and character, 

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are of similar rank and character,

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are of similar rank and character,

And finally, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are of similar rank and character. 

These four govern each station they are in.

The sign of this world is cancer.

Purgatory is under the governance of Virgo.   However, the day the world is engulfed by the sun, it will no longer be under the influence of Cancer, rather it will be under the influence of Libra.  Once the suffering of those bound for hell is exhausted, the influence will switch to Gemini.

The heavenly power associated with each sign has thirty different data sets (or frequencies).  These powers become manifest throughout creation, and their effects prevail between one and one hundred years.

Heaven and hell are also under the effects of these twelve signs. As such, heavenly commands are all triggered by these twelve signs.

From all that is manifest in the heavens, to eating, drinking, sex, marriage, behavior, and change are by the guidance of the signs and the permission of Allah.  Paradise of Awareness aside (the state of being aware of one’s essential reality), all the heavens are constructed by the guidance of these twelve signs.

The rebirth of man in the afterlife is similar to his rebirth in purgatory. The inner reality of man is an individual illusion.

Our solar system is the ‘floor’ of paradise its ‘sky’ is the galactic universe. Air is the source of life.  ‘Air’ is warm, it is moist. When the components of air heat up, they become fire. When the temperature decreases and moisture increases, air turns to water.  There is nothing that can transform as quickly as air.

Thus, the most effective signs are the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

From the perspective of the earth, the moon is within its first reach, the second closest planet is Mercury, the third Venus, the fourth the Sun, the fifth Mars, the sixth Jupiter and the seventh Saturn.

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