Following the period of their formation, the treasures contained in the twelve signs descend upon these planets and commence exerting their effects on them.

Time is a relative concept and does NOT exist in the absolute.  The day commences with the appearance of the sun and ends when it sets, and from these relative reference points are born; the months, the seasons and the years.

Allah has created the spiritual realms and powers to form all existence.

Before creating humanity, Allah had created the Jinn out of fire.

Upon departing this earth the concept of sleep will no longer exist, such is the day of reckoning.

When the sun and its flames expand to engulf our solar system, this endless fiery realm will be called Hell.

‘Sirat’ is the period during which Man is able to soar above the realm of the sun.  (The word ‘Hell’ refers to the state of life within the domain of the sun and its flames.  Once the sun expands and engulfs the planets closest to it (also affecting the planets further out), evolved ‘quantum brains’ will escape this system, and the realm to which they escape will be referred to as paradise).

Life on earth is but a dream, an illusion.

That which we call home today will turn into the home of Hell following doomsday.

This sums up all we want to share from Ibn Arabi, one of the greatest scholars of the religion of Islam brought to us by Hadhrat Muhammad (saw)…

Now let’s take a look at what the Gaws al-Azam and Qutub-ul Aktab of his time, Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi has to say about Astrology:

Saturn is rather cold and dry, it is male (the planets in their characteristics have been further divided into two, male and female) its frequency emits sorrow, loneliness and pressure.  Whereas they say that Venus brings pleasure and relief.

Saturn leads to stupidity, ignorance, fear, stinginess, hatred, regret, laziness and slow comprehension.  When its effects are witnessed at the time of birth, with the will of Allah, its characteristics form the ‘character’ of the newborn.   

Saturn rules Wednesday night and Saturday (Saturn day).

Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi goes through these explanations for each of the planets, and also makes the following comment:

All references made to distances that take 500 years to travel in Islam actually refer to the ‘vastness’ of the distances and do not infer an actual measure.

He goes on to explain that the ‘events’ on earth are caused by these planetary and astral effects, but that the creator of these causes in essence is Allah.  Regarding the moon:

The main cause of tidal effects is the moon.  

As there is more warmth and moisture during the first half of each new moon, blood circulates more fervently in the veins, leading to strength and health for all living creatures.

Whereas following the full moon, with the dropping of temperature and moisture, growth and development become slower, and bodies become weaker.

Thus, during the first half of lunar months, recovery from illness is rapid, whereas during the second half, recovery generally takes longer.

During the first half the mind (brain) works better than during the second half.

If you fall asleep or spend too much time facing the full moon, this can lead to fatigue, laziness, headaches and colds.

Exposing meat to the full moon for too long will lead to a change in smell and in taste.

During the first half of the lunar month, fish stay close to the surface and become fatty and strong, whereas during the second half, they swim deeper and become leaner.

During the first half there is an increase of insects thus increased feeding activity, while the opposite takes hold during the second half.

Trees planted during the first half of the lunar month grow faster and better, those planted during the second half tend to be weaker or wither away.

And here are some notes from Erzurumi from Marifetname (The Book of Gnosis) on the effects realized when the moon conjuncts with certain signs:

When the Moon travels through:

Aries, Good time to embark on new projects;

Taurus, get married, do business, build;

Gemini, buy real estate, read;

Cancer, communicate, travel, use laxatives;

Leo, pass on your requests for assistance, engage in agriculture and repair, cupping;

Virgo, wear new things, converse with friends, meditate and pray;

Libra, go shopping, converse, listen to the Quran, drink ailments;

Scorpio, wash, purify, prefer solitude, meditate and turn inward;

Sagittarius, give blood, preferred time for shaving and haircuts;

Capricorn, dig a well, work the land, trade;

Aquarius, Travel;

Pisces, sea travel and partnership.

In the fifth chapter of his book, The Book of Gnosis, Hadhrat Ibrahim Hakki states the following:

The stars obey the angels, and the angels obey the commands of Allah.  Everything moves or remains still based on Allah’s will and power.

The sun is hot, it is dry. The moon, cold and moist. The planets orbit the cosmos with their own characteristics. Astrologists are correct in this; however, it is incorrect to assume that all action is based on this alone. The planetary powers are so because Allah wills It so.  Thus, astral objects exert their effects on the world of actions.

There are twelve angels (powers) for the twelve signs. The seven planets travel and serve the twelve signs without interruption.

Ibrahim Hakki explains further that existence cannot be explained through one science alone, and that it is imperative to analyze existence comprehensively:

To try and comprehend the Reality of existence with either medicine, natural sciences or astrology on their own is impossible.  Reality can only be known through the knowledge of Allah coming from one’s essential reality!

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