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An Imperative & Mandatory Warning

There is a great danger and pitfall encountered by those who see the illusory nature of their identity and realize it is actually the Absolute Self. 

One who comes to this realization inevitably begins to think there is only one self in existence and that is his self, not the individual self of course!

This self comes from the absolute essence of Rububiyyah[1]… And thus, It does as It wills!

However, one must be very cautious at this point and remember that:

The acts that form the conditioning to which we are all necessarily subject are the very veils that prevent us from experiencing our absolute Self. The incomparability (tanzih) and the impeccability (taqdis) of the Absolute One, necessitates abstinence from all actions and rituals that form the illusory identity and cause one to become conditioned and confined by it, if not lost and stuck in it. No matter what the action may be, even if it pertains to the reality of Rububiyyah!

As a matter of fact, those who reach the secret of Rububiyyah and stop engaging in religious practices or start trespassing certain religious rules and regulations, have not really understood the reality of their Essence. Or, their companions are not at the level of warning and rightly guiding them.

Whereas those who truly find their Real Selves, that is after unveiling the secret of Rububiyyah, those who also reach the stations of Oneness and Uluhiyyah[2] and observe their essential reality from the level of the Names, Attributes, and the Absolute Essence, become free from establishing or proving their Rububiyyah at the level of acts. They reach a perfect state which allows them to give the due of every level of consciousness, properly and befittingly.


[1] Compositional qualities denoted by the Names comprising existence.

[2] Uluhiyyah encompasses two realities. HU which denotes Absolute Essence (dhat) and the realm of infinite points in which every single point is formed by the act of observing knowledge through knowledge. This act of observing is such that each point signifies an individual composition of Names. (The Beautiful Names – Ahmed Hulusi)

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