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Dhikr: The Most Important Practice In The World

If I were to list the verses and hadith regarding the importance of dhikr it would be a book of its own. Gratefully, I have already done that in The Power of Prayer

Prayer and salat are forms of dhikr, just like reciting the Quran and bringing salawat.

Dhikr is said to be the highest form of worship in religion. Why?

In the following chapters where I will talk about astrology I will explain how only a tiny portion of the human brain comprised of 15 billion cells is activated via the rays it receives during birth and how further activation after this is not possible.

The brain can’t recruit/activate new cell groups under the effects of the external rays it receives after the point of birth. But this does not mean that the inactivated potential will have to remain idle forever!

Cell groups can be activated via certain practices and new capacities and skills may well be attained. 

Actually, the whole idea of religion is to activate these new parts and potentials within the brain to acquire and utilize new powers.

So why do we repetitively recite certain meanings that pertain to Allah by way of dhikr?

Let’s say you’re repeating the name Allah. Before you utter this name, your brain processes its meaning and via the electrical signals it sends to your tongue it allows you to assign and express a particular sound to it. When this name is remembered (recited) in your brain a bioelectrical current is activated amongst the group of cells that are associated with the meaning of this name. In essence all functions in the brain are nothing other than bioelectrical activity among brain cells. Different meanings cause a flow of bioelectrical energy among different groups of cells in the brain. This flow then enables the activation of a myriad of meanings via the groups of cells that it triggers.

All functions of the brain are carried out via the chromosomes comprising these groups of neurons. Imagine the infinite number of activities carried out by 15 billion neurons where each neuron has connection to 16 thousand other neurons.

Fatabarakalllahu ahsan’ul khalikeen!

Hormones on the other hand, affect the chemical make-up of the cells thereby altering the speed and direction of the bioelectrical flow creating the various formations to which we assign meanings.

Various rays with different frequencies coming from the constellations and the different cosmic effects to which the brain is subject due to constantly changing planetary aspects also alter the bioelectrical flow in the brain, hence creating new meanings…

The brain never really sleeps; it constantly receives and outputs data. The differing moods people experience has nothing to do with the state of their souls; it is entirely related to their brains. The soul or spirit is just a backup copy (wave-body) of the brain.

Anyway, let us not digress… 

When we engage in dhikr, that is when we repeat a word referencing a meaning pertaining to Allah, a bioelectrical current is activated in the relevant group of neurons in the brain and this energy flow is uploaded to the wave-body (spirit).

Additionally, when you keep repeating this word like a mantra, the bioelectrical energy that’s produced gets stronger and stronger and starts to activate other cells, hence causing a capacity expansion.

Upon continuing even further, new meanings are formed in the brain via the newly activated cells and this leads to people saying things like, “Since I started doing dhikr my mind works differently, my understanding has enhanced, I can perceive things in a different light now…” etc.

Since the new meanings and the energy that is formed with dhikr are uploaded to your radial-wave body (spirit) the quality of your life after death is also increased.

“And whoever is blind (unable to perceive the Truth) in this life (outer life) will also be blind in the eternal life to come (inner life)[1]

I believe this verse points directly to this truth. For, the extent to which one’s brain is activated and enhanced directly affects the state of their holographic radial body, as every bit of data in the brain is constantly uploaded to the spirit. Since no more data can be uploaded to the spirit after death, a brain that hasn’t adequately developed in this world cannot in any way become activated in the life after death; it becomes indefinitely fixed with its capacity at the point of death. 

Consider that! Millions and billions of years, an eternal life! And your only chance of preparing for this eternity is by developing your brain as much as you can in this limited, restricted worldly life.

If you can’t see what the implications of this are then I have nothing more to say to you.

[1] Quran 17:72

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