One’s after-life capacity, or in other words, the state and quality of his life after death is determined by the capacity of his brain at the moment of his death. After death, everyone without exception, will see how much they could have utilized the worldly life to develop themselves and feel deep regret at having lost the opportunity for good. 

Now let us talk about the two types of dhikr.

Energy based dhikr.

Knowledge based dhikr.

Energy based dhikr is the common dhikr that we know of; it resonates with the spirit’s attribute of power and allows the spirit to succeed in various tasks, enabling it to accumulate and store the necessary energy for transportation. 


Allah” … 

La ilaha illallah…”

La hawla walaa quwwata illah billah…” are all within the scope of common dhikr.

The positive energy that flows to you via the good deeds you do, or when others gossip about you, is also the same type of energy.

There is a second type of dhikr which we can call “Specific dhikr”.

Specific dhikr is a list of Allah’s names ‘specific’ to the person. As I will cover in more detail later, different names of Allah can be combined as a specific formula to produce different results and effects in one’s brain according to the person’s needs.

When you do the dhikrs in the common dhikr list the strength and effect of each name will be equal, thus resulting in equal degrees of activation and manifestation. 

Whereas for example, if the name MUREED is inadequately activated in a person as opposed to the other names, this person will have a weak willpower and drive and hence be unable to put into practice his knowledge. Now if this person goes ahead and does the common dhikr, since all the qualities referenced by the names are going to develop at the same degree his willpower is still going to be inadequate relative to the others. On the other hand, if this person focuses on the name Mureed instead he will see big differences in terms of his willpower in a short span of time.

This can be applied to many other things like stinginess, crudeness, to increase knowledge, etc. However, the person who determines the specific list of dhikr must know this person and his brain very well. He must be aware of the astrological signs and the positions of the planets at the time of the person’s birth in order to ascertain which areas of his brain are at the effects of which planet, what this person’s potentials are etc…

Dhikr should not only be restricted to these either. All the verses and prayers we recite during salat are also considered to be dhikr.

Salat is the means of uploading various meanings to one’s spirit by withdrawing from the external world into a deep meditative state. 

Performing salat like doing gymnastics is nothing other than ignorance and a serious lack of insight.

Salat is a way to turn to one’s essence, that is, to Allah. Those deprived of this are in so much loss in terms of what they can potentially manifest and experience that it is merely impossible to put into words.

Not performing salat is like ceasing your ties with Allah. It is accepting yourself to be only the physical body and life as only of this world therefore not feeling the need to prepare for life after death. Such a person doesn’t even lift the lid of the treasure box called ‘vicegerency’ and will eventually die in misery and grave loss.

Think of someone who is deprived of using the tool that activates and develops all the infinite potential qualities that are dormant within him. Yet the only capital with which he can work in the afterlife is the treasure inside the treasure box of “vicegerency”. Is it even possible to imagine or express the extent of his regret after death?

Let us know without doubt everything done within the scope of “prayer/worship” including dhikr, salat, fasting etc. is for the person’s own good; these practices are crucial preparations for his life after death. 

Your individual being is NOTHING in respect to The Absolute Proprietor of the infinite universe. If you were to spend your entire life in prostration do you think that signifies anything to that Infinity? What can you add to it? 

Or if you were to spend your entire life in denial? 

Your faith and denial bind you alone my friend.

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