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The Secrets of The Kaaba and Arafat

According to my observation and understanding, and the knowledge bestowed to me by Allah…

Just like the bioelectrical energy that flows through the nervous system inside the human body, there are channels or streams of negative and positive radiation under the earth. 

If for instance your house or workplace or farmland is located upon one of these negative radiation channels, you will constantly suffer from sickness, setbacks, and an endless loop of adversities. At home you’ll deal with health issues, at work, financial delays and difficulties, on a farmland, trouble with crops and animals, etc…

If on the other hand they’re located on a positive channel of radiation then your home will be peaceful and tranquil, your work will prosper, your farm will flourish and you will attract good health and fortune. 

These energy channels are called ley lines. The negative ones are called black strains. 

The most powerful point where these positive ley lines intersect each other as though forming a central station broadcasting this supreme positive energy is beneath the Kaaba at Mecca, the extension of which is Mount Arafat!

Abdulaziz ad-Dabbagh, one of the many who have observed this reality through kashf (unveiling) mentions in his book “Al Ibriz” that there is a stream of light (nur) emanating from the Kaaba up towards the sky. 

Due to the extremely strong positive energy that radiates from this point the brains of the people who go there become stimulated and activated in ways I cannot explain.

Hence the Rasul of Allah (saw) says regarding the salat that is done around the Kaaba:

“The benefit of a two rakah salat that is performed at the Kaaba is one hundred thousand times greater than a salat performed in other masjids (prayer houses, mosques) around the world.”

For, during every form of prayer and spiritual practice that is done in the vicinity of the Kaaba, the brain is constantly receiving the Light of Jalal (extremely high frequency waves) radiating from beneath the earth, thus producing extra potent brain waves, both to upload to the spirit body and to emit to its environment.

In another powerful hadith the Rasulullah (saw) says:

“Everywhere else you’re responsible only for your actions, but at the Kaaba, you are also responsible for your thoughts.”

This is because the immense strength of the energy the brain receives at the Kaaba enables it to evaluate thoughts at the level of actions and hence even the energy of one’s thoughts are uploaded to the spirit as though they are real experiences.

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