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The Essence of Existence

Let’s now review the previous chapter from another angle…

In terms of its compositional make-up the brain is comprised of atoms. It’s made of cells, which are made of molecules, that are made of atoms – the smallest unit of life that we can conceive. 

Since every atom with its essence, attribute, name and action isn’t anything other than the One, the brain is also, with its essence, attributes, names and actions, nothing other than the One.

The activation of the various circuits in the brain that correspond to certain divine names is a process that takes place only during the initial stages of brain formation. 

Since essentially a stone, a star, an animal isn’t anything other than the One, then a constellation of stars or what we call the star-signs are also nothing other than densified grand masses of divine meanings.

This being the case, when a colossal mass of a specific meaning emanates its mighty radiation, a newly forming brain receives this beam and is shaped by it. The beam activates in the brain the circuitry that is equivalent to the meaning it carries and this activity is then observed as thoughts and actions through the person. 

The meanings that are prevalent in the brain during its formation become the characteristics that we see most on that person, this is what “something being eased for a person” means.

Until the time of birth and specifically at the time of birth the brain receives these cosmic effects and develops the ability to express their meanings. 

In essence all brains of all humans are the same. Their only difference is due to the effects they receive and hence the circuitry that is activated. This is what causes all the infinite intellectual and behavioral diversities between all humans.

Simply put “fate” or “destiny” is this very transmission of the cosmic effects.  Hence the brain, the predisposition and capacity of which is thusly pre-determined, is the Lawh-i Mahfuz (Preserved Tablet) of the person. 

Everything that is formed in the universe is the result of the cause-and-effect procession that I try to define as these “physical-chemical-cosmic” effects.

You will never find an alteration in the sunnatullah![1] is a clear validation of this truth.

The phenomenon we call “miracles” is also a product of Allah’s immaculate order and system. In short, there is no magic wand in the universe! Just because we may be unaware of the causes that lead to that effect does not mean something magical is happening!

Since the brain is nothing other than the One in its essence, it’s wired to manifest the meanings of all ninety-nine names. The difference of the strengths and ratios of these manifestations generates the differences between individuals. When we hear someone manifests ten, twenty, or thirty names it is simply for arguments sake and allegorical.

Essentially every brain manifests all ninety-nine names. However, these manifestations differ in their compositional make-up and distribution, resulting in infinite variations in humans.

All of this happens through the cosmic radiation received by the brain and the genes the person inherits from his lineage. 

Talking of genes, even though the genetic information received by the parents and the forefathers are transferred to the brain via the genes, they are only expressed if the person has the specific circuitry suitable for their expression.

For example, if the mother is an Aries and the father is an Aquarius, the child will express the qualities that are most aligned with his own constitution. So, if he has strong Aries qualities, he will express the qualities of his mother more. If he has a strong Aquarius energy, then he will express his father’s qualities. Let’s say the child is neither; he’s a Capricorn. In this case he will express the qualities of his Capricorn grandparents or aunts etc.

This shows that not all genetic information inherited is directly expressed through the person, but rather, those that are aligned with the person’s individual constitution. There is a lot more to be said about this topic but I’m afraid I can’t share more in this book.

The constitutional meanings that are felt by the person form some of the primary emotions. Anger, sadness, possessiveness, sympathy, attraction, etc. Emotions are expressed based on the person’s conditionings, which are shaped by the cosmic and environmental effects that are received.

The Rasul of Allah (saw) said; 

“When Allah wills to fulfill the fate of his servant he takes his mind away and the person commits a sin in this state and then Allah gives his mind back (brings him to his senses) and the person feels deep regret saying, ‘how did I engage in such an act?’” (Dailami)

The expression “takes his mind away” in this hadith refers to the restriction of intellectual functions via astrological effects leading the person to act with his emotions and instincts then regretting his actions after the effect passes. 

Such situations generally occur when Mars makes a hard aspect to the ascendant or the transits of the Moon. Usually it’s over and done with in 24 hours.

With the cosmic effects received by the brain certain activities start taking place in the brain. As a result, a meaning is transformed into an action. The cosmic effect activates specific circuitries in the brain, based on its own meaning, hence resulting in an action that is also representative of its meaning. In other words, the brain outputs action based on the meanings it receives.

The first effects are received at the date and time of birth, which determines the observable capabilities and skills. Based on these, the brain begins to convert the relevant meanings into action. That is, the actions a person outputs are determined by the meaning and strength of the cosmic signals he receives.

Hence what we call the ‘personality’ is formed.

Since the brain is essentially from the One, it encompasses all ninety-nine Names. It’s all about the interplay of these Names; how much they are expressed and in what proportions, i.e. composition, that leads to all the infinite variations of expressions. This composition is determined at the time of birth. 

Emotions are the channels through which we ‘feel’ this composition.

Actions that we see through the body form the temperament or the character of the person.

When the composition of these names reflects on to the body, the ‘nature’ or the natural disposition of the body is formed.

That is, ‘nature’, ‘temperament’, ‘emotion’ are the meanings of the compositions in respect to the body, character and the emotions respectively.

This divine composition is your Rabb. The One who rules over the body, drives it, moves it, and controls it. 

Every individual is absolutely dependent on their Rabb. There is not a single iota of existence that isn’t dependent on its Rabb and who does not fulfill the commands of their Rabb.

The 56th verse of the 11th chapter of the Quran expresses this truth as the following:


There is no animate being that He does not hold (program with the Name Fatir) by its forehead (brain) (i.e. subjugate to His command)...” [2]

That is, the expression of the divine names at the level of Rububiyyah means the fulfillment of the command of Rabb at that level.

Potentially all of the meanings of all of the Names are within you! It is your unique composition that either allows or disallows their expression at the level of acts.

What is the secret behind the words “Man arafah” in the phrase that is generally accredited as a hadith narrated by Hadhrat Ali (ra), “Man arafah nafsahu faqad arafah Rabbahu”?

It is a direct indication of what I explained above! The word “man” means he who, “arafa nafsahu” means knows his ‘self’ i.e. his essential reality (note that it says HE WHO knows himself, because there is still an identity-personality, i.e. a composition at this level!) Therefore, he who knows the reality of his identity-personality, his compositional make-up, will realize that his ‘self’ is nothing other than a unique composition of the divine names! Hence when the person becomes aware of this reality he becomes aware of his Rabb! For his Rabb is the composition of the names that comprise his existence, which we see and identify as the person. In reality however, it is nothing other than the One.

[1] Quran 35:43

[2] Quran 11:56

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