In reality you will have only united with the deity in your imagination; and this God will not be Allah, it will be a production of your Rabb!

This is the difference between Rabbani and Divinity… 

However, when we say divinity let us not think there are no names here! The names are present and manifest at the level of the divine too. But this manifestation is not bound to limits of the compositional structures. Here the Grand Intellect can assume any expression of the divine names it likes. These are two very different states of expression.

The Rabbani expression is an automatic expression derived from the compositional structure of the divine names involved. It is bound by the limits and requisites of the composition.

The Divine on the other hand, expresses the names which comprise its essential reality as It likes, assuming the form of whichever meaning It wills.

A life devoid of this flexibility is driven by the Rabbani force.

Within the Rabbani life, if the person complies with the general rules; fulfills the recommendations and abstains from what is forbidden, the result will be paradise; he will be of the people of paradise. However, only if he can escape and overcome his composition and moralize with the morals of Allah, then he will find the meanings of all the divine names within himself and he can take on whichever meaning of whichever name he likes. He will not be bound by them, but will administer over them. This is when he will unite with Allah, and consequently he will become divine. He will appear to be a servant but he will be the servant of Allah! While others are the servant of Rahman, the servant of Kareem, the servant of Wahhab, the servant of Samad and so on…. The divine one is the servant of ALLAH! (Abdullah)

Now let us move on to another fine point. 

Let us say you became divine. You moralized yourself with the morals of Allah.

Can you say, “I have overcome the boundaries of my Rabb and expanded myself to the vastness of Allah. I have discovered and observed all the names and now I can do as I will whenever and however I will….” 

Is this a valid approach?

Once you find the divine names within yourself you will no longer have certain desires. The reason why wants and desires were strong in the past was because their meanings were present as compositions and so as a result of the most dominant names in the composition certain actions were automatically produced. When the meanings of the Names are present evenly and equably this balance automatically nullifies what we call humanly wants and desires, they disappear!

For at the core of humanly wants and desires lie the qualities of your composition. These divine names exist at different strengths and proportions in your composition. But when you come out from this specific form of existence and overcome its boundary the names start to manifest equally and thus humanly desires dissolve and are no longer formed.

You begin to produce actions aligned with the divine laws at the level of actions! That is, you start to act in ways that aid others to reach eternal bliss.

What does this mean?

It means you start to engage in actions that help others to overcome their own compositional boundaries and unite with Allah, for their sake!

The Quran depicts this as “Those who advise each other of the Truth.”[1]

Advising of the Truth means to advise others to manifest the names comprising their essence evenly and equably. That is, the practices you recommend to them will naturally bring them to this state.

The Quran also uses the expression “As the Truth” (bilHaq) meaning to advise from the level of the Names. That is, to help them to become aware of their Rabb and advise them to act accordingly.

This is one of the mysteries of Nubuwwah! To advise as the Truth! “You have no responsibility other than to advise the Truth” and “Religion is an advice, a recommendation” allude to this! 

Hence, becoming divine is not the same as becoming Rabbani!

So, if you’ve become moralized with all of the divine names, and you found all of the names within yourself, and you saw that all of the observable actions in the world are your actions, can you do as you will? Absolutely not! All of the actions in the world are the actions of Allah for the names that drive them pertain to Allah! But these actions do not belong to Allah! Those actions belong to the Rabb of their doer!

This is a fine but imperative point and must be understood well! 

Allah is both the owner of an action and not the owner!

He is the owner because the names that create and drive the action belong to Allah. But the doer of the action is not Allah! That action comes about in that particular way because the names that drive it are bound by a composition. If it weren’t for that particular composition that action would not have come about in that particular way! 

Thus, my friend, that action was from your ego-self!

[1] Quran 103:3

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