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The Damage of Tobacco and Alcohol to The Brain

I want to explain a few points regarding smoking cigarettes and alcohol consumption…

We said the rank and quality of one’s life after death is dependent on the capacity of his brain in this world. His capital in the afterlife will be to the extent to which he increases the capacity of his brain cells and stocks knowledge and energy to his spirit, or wave body, in this world.

But what are the effects of alcohol and tobacco to the brain?

They numb the brain cells!

They clog the connection points between the nerve cells (synapse) and prevent the bioelectrical flow between them…!

Imagine you’re imprisoned in a cell and you’re given the key but instead of using it to free yourself you habitually and tirelessly blunt the blade and damage the key to the point where it can’t unlock the door anymore! Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are slow means of self-destruction!

Just when you’re about to get the gist of the matter, just when you’re about to come to that precious ‘aha’ moment and transform your life, lo and behold, you have a brain fog! You lose all mental clarity and there’s nothing you can do about it! Because the chemicals in the cigarettes you’ve been smoking have clogged the site of transmission of electric nerve impulses between your nerve cells! 

Or they’ve become dysfunctional from all the alcohol you’ve been drinking! And now you can’t even renew them!

Why would you want to destroy your only key out to eternity, your only real capital in an eternal life, over meaningless transitory pleasures?

It’s as absurd as someone throwing a bag of gold into the sea because he enjoys the sound it makes!?

If this sounds sane and profitable to you go ahead and continue! But don’t forget that you will eventually suffer the consequences and will never be able to compensate the damage you’ve caused.

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