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The Secret of Fasting

One of the mandatory practices of Islam is fasting.

What is fasting about? Having empathy for the hungry.

What is fasting about? Training the ego!

What is fasting about? Giving our stomachs a break and detoxing our bodies!

Fair enough, these are all true, but are these the only reasons why we are advised to fast?

The brain obtains all of the energy needed for itself and the other organs through the various drinks and food we consume.

The life of the cells within the body depends on the bioelectrical charge the brain sends out. So, while the brain emits a myriad of waves to its external environment, most of which are uploaded to form the spirit body, it also constantly supplies the necessary life force needed both for the survival of itself and the rest of the organs in the body.

However, in order to convert the food, we eat into energy and supply the body with what it needs, the brain constantly consumes energy! In other words, it costs vital energy to produce energy! 

Whereas, this vital energy can be used in a more cost-effective way by the brain to enrich the spirit, to raise one’s level of consciousness through dhikr and/or other spiritual, meditative practices. 

Hence, we are asked to fast for at least one month in a year so that we may pray more, engage in dhikr more, and hence strengthen and enrich our spirits, increase the capacity of the quality of our brains, and allow it be healthier and more productive.

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