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Muhammad (saw) Forewarned About the Dangers of The Future

In terms of his compositional make-up the Rasul of Allah, Muhammad Mustafa (saw) was a human. What do I mean by a human? 

A human being has been given the glad tidings of being composed with the divine names. Muhammad (saw) was able to observe ‘Allah’, the names that comprise his essence, and reached the station of sainthood (wilayah). He then discerned that there is nothing other than the expressed and unexpressed divine names in existence and hence observed the universe as an eloquent architecture of these various compositions. He saw that these compositions express various meanings by means of an absolutely unalterable mechanism to which the future of all humans is subject. Thus, he informed mankind of the laws of Allah and fulfilled the function of risalah. He notified us that as long as man can’t overcome his human nature he cannot escape hell (suffering) and only those who can rule over their nature can enter paradise. As for those who want to unite with Allah, he explained, they must move beyond even the meanings they naturally manifest as the expression of their compositional make-up. 

The ruling pertaining to risalah, religion, the world, barzakh (intermediary realm), heaven and hell are all based on the dictum “knowledge is determined by creation.” That is, creation –all things that have transpired and will transpire- was observed and all necessary measures were taken accordingly.

Muhammad (saw) observed everything that will transpire and forewarned us of the coming dangers. In this respect we say, “knowledge is determined by creation”.

However, in respect of the origin and essence of existence “creation is determined by precedent knowledge”. But what concerns us more is for knowledge to be determined by creation, this is the only we way we can know ourselves, our essence, and fulfill the requisites of the reality.

You can claim that you have reached the station of unity all you like, that you are at the point of Oneness and your observation is that of non-duality. You can even feel this is true. But you will continue spending your days as a “person”. 

This ‘feeling’ is true and valid, it pertains to your quintessential make-up and there are some secrets regarding it but I will talk more about this later. 

The point I want to underline here is that the Rasul of Allah (saw) observed everything that will take place in the future and advised us about what precautions we need to take based on this observation. 

Hence, the truly enlightened ones who have become intimates of the reality, who have observed and experienced it, strived to overcome their ‘nature’ their bodily impulses and did not stop engaging in these practices until they died. 

Practices done to overcome certain conditioning and emotional patterns must not be stopped until its purpose is reached, namely until the conditioning is lifted, until that pattern is eliminated! 

Once the cleansing takes place the person then can go back to practicing that particular action, for this quality has been given precisely to serve a particular purpose within the mechanism. All divine laws are such. There is always a counterpart in the ethereal world (creation) for every divine law (amr). 

That quality and the action driven by it was put there to prevent its ethereal counterpart from causing any harm. Its either that or there is a threshold level that must be reached and that action is required to reach that level.

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