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If One Fails to Realize His Rabb and Recognize Allah…

When one knows his Rabb through ‘knowledge’ Sufism refers to this as the state of “kufr” (denial-covering of the truth)! Complying with the commands of his Rabb in this state will not save him from going to hell!

For he knows his Rabb but does not accept the divine commands, and thus prepares his future with his own hands, i.e. a necessary stop by hell.

But beyond knowing his Rabb, is he also accepts Allah, and as a result of confirming Allah if he allows the divine laws to take precedence over his natal programming, and thus acts with the divine laws, he will overcome his Rabbani conditions and limitations. Then and only then can he go to paradise. Otherwise, he will most definitely go to hell, even if temporarily, because there is no other way of resolving the situation.

There are two very important and necessary points to be aware of. We must take these two points into consideration and be conscious of them at all times.

The first is, existence is whole, complete, and functions as a mechanism. Its execution at every point of manifestation is based on the condition and state of that position. 

There is no secondary ‘other’ being outside that can interfere with this.

The second point is no matter what form or name something takes in this world, it is nothing other than the densification of the meanings of the divine names, the process of them going from a potential to an actualized state, from force to action, from ethereal to material. Hence whatever object or form you look at you must remember that it is a densified materialized state of the forces of the divine names, and thus, see the face of Allah!

The face of Allah means the meanings of the names of Allah. That is, to see the face of Allah is to observe the meanings of Allah.

All the Names, whether known or unknown to us, once they become manifest, they are considered as “the face of Allah”.

The face of Allah is the divine meanings; the domain of the names, which may only be observed with the eye of consciousness.

Comprehension is not an action; it is a meaning. You can’t see “comprehension”, nor can you touch it. You can’t sense it with your five senses. It is a meaning, and hence it sees meanings; the meanings of the divine names.

Therefore, everything you comprehend is a composition of the divine names, regardless of whatever its name or label is. 

In this light, to see Allah, to see the One, is nothing other than a comprehension or discernment, it is knowledge!

The essence of discernment is knowledge. It is to know the meanings of the names, to feel and experience them and to find them within yourself. It isn’t an object that can be seen and held.

What you claim to see with your eyes is nothing other than an illusion!

Real seeing is not with the eye but with knowledge and comprehension!

How real are the objects and the people you see on television? You see them on the screen but are they really there? What you claim to see with your eyes is simply the decoding of the bioelectrical impulses that reach the brain via the cranial nerves. In order for the brain to decode this electrical message it has to have prior knowledge about it, otherwise it cannot understand its meaning. It will project an image, but it won’t know the meaning of the image.

So, what forms in the brain and what gets uploaded to the spirit is meaning, not an image! It is not a ‘thing’!

Matter only exists as matter according to the five senses, a very rigid range of information. If you look from a wider perspective with a broader sense mechanism, there is no such thing as matter!

You see the houses, buildings, mountains etc. because of the segmental capacity of your eyes. If your eyes were a lot more sensitive, you would have seen the atoms and the space inside them just like you see the stars in space. Your feelings would have been affected and shaped by what you see and hence your judgment and evaluation would have been different.

This being the case, everything that exists in all the worlds are essentially only meanings! The meanings of the various divine names. The rigid ranges of the limited tools of perception that make us perceive the illusion of ‘matter’ is only there to enable ‘man’ to understand his essential reality and observe the qualities of his true being. They are merely samples to serve a greater purpose. They invite you to evaluate what we see and contemplate on what more there can be in comparison to what is so you can know yourself!

Not your identity-self of course, your real self! First know your Rabb, understand the essence of what you think you are, comprehend what you really are, how you were formed and what your essential reality is! And then try to find your ‘self’ at a greater universal level!

Of course, this isn’t as simple as said! One must really commit himself to do this! This has to be one’s most significant issue in life! His existence must be for this! Why? Because existence is a single mechanism and every gear is subject to its own laws!

There is no room for assumption and illusion in this mechanism!

The mechanism is comprised of many many gears! There isn’t a single imaginary illusory gear in it! They are all inter-connected with one another, forming the beginning and the end of each other.

Whatever manifests through you, its consequence is eventually going to come back to you!

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