Why Does Man Exist?

Suddenly you have an idea… It is either the product of your brain processing certain information it has received regarding a particular topic – something you’ve previously thought of - or it’s something that you’ve never thought of before. 

In the case of the latter, that is if it’s a sudden epiphany about something that you’ve never thought of before it’s probably the rays of Mercury impinging upon your brain. 

An idea is strengthened through the faculty of imagination and shaped with the power of design (musawwir).

After this it is either processed through the intellect or the illusion. The latter leads to an egocentric self-centered result. Which then leads the person to see and accept himself as his body, or a separate being with a spirit.

A separate spirit means separate from the One, an existence besides the existence of the One. Because the spirit is formed by the brain, it is the output of the qualities of the brain and the divine spirit comprising its essence, which isn’t separate from the Absolute Spirit. But because it is the product of the brain it is by definition separate, or different, from the “Absolute Spirit.” For, the meanings composing the Absolute Spirit form the meanings in the brain in specific compositions, after which the brain produces the personal spirit and enables the continuation of these absolute meanings. Therefore, the meanings carried by one’s personal spirit is no different to the absolute meanings, in terms of their essence they are the same, but in respect to their composition they are different.

Hence the concept of comparability and incomparability (or sameness and difference) stems from here. 

Do not the qualities of the personal spirit form by the reflection of certain meanings from the brain to the spirit? 

Do not these meanings of the brain form by the reflection of certain Names during its formation? 

Is not the brain then a composition of the meanings of the Names? 

Since the brain uploads and saves all its data to the spirit, the composition of the names forming the brain is the same as that of the spirit. That is in terms of the “sameness” the meaning of the spirit is nothing other than a composition of names. But it is in the form of a composition. In the Absolute Spirit these meanings are not in the form of compositions. 

The personal spirit is created as a composition of these meanings. That is, the composition is created, not its essence. A human is the platform through which the meanings of the divine names are expressed and made manifest. 

Unlike the rest of creation, humans are created with the capacity to openly manifest the meanings of all 99 Names. If divine will permit to use this capacity, the meanings of the 99 Names may be expressed in various ways and to various degrees. No other creature has the capacity to holistically express and manifest the meanings of the 99 Names. Humans were created precisely for this purpose.

The meaning of “man” or “human” is “one who can express and observe all of the Divine Names”. 

Albeit other creatures also express and manifest these meanings they have not been endowed with the capacity to comprehensively observe them as humans have been.

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