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On Oneness and Unity

Now let us discuss the topic of “ONENESS” …

On one side we’re talking about the existence of heaven and hell, the visible physical bodies in this world that we’re experiencing, and the dimension of acts!

On the other hand, we’re trying to explain the concept of oneness, the unity of existence and we’re talking about the different levels and stages of unity and the different degrees of oneness.

Now if existence is one, how are these actions formed, where are they coming from? If existence isn’t one, if it’s multiple, how are we talking about a SINGLE existence within this multiplicity?

What do unity and oneness mean and what do they not mean? Let us talk a little about these…

Oneness (tawhid) is to observe and witness the ONENESS of Allah.

Unity (wahdah) is the act of Allah witnessing His own Oneness.

If you don’t accept that the source of existence is one and this source is Allah, then you will inadvertently accept a “god” outside and beyond this realm.

The moment you adopt the idea of a god out there, since no such being exists out there, you will inevitably assume and hence create a god with the attributes fitting your own comprehension of it. 

Hence you will create in your head a god based on your own understanding and conception and you will believe and accept it.

Consequently, you will become a servant to an imaginary god that you created with your own hands in your own head! 

The vast majority of the human population deify and pray to a god that they conceived and created in their imagination based on their conditionings and expectations. They attribute to it the very qualities that are aligned with their own personal make-up and then they name it ‘Allah’ and claim, “Allah is like such and such…” describing a god shaped by their own thoughts and imagination. 

In light of all the things we discussed regarding the make-up of existence, the universe and man, it is evident that the seeming multiplicity of existence, all of the innumerous beings are sourced from the same essence, a single origin.

Does this mean that many different beings were formed from that one single source? No.

Let me explain with an example: Think of a seed that you sow, how it grows and blossoms and eventually becomes a tree that bears fruit! That seed is present in every fruit of that tree. That tree is nothing other than what is contained in that seed. 

Of course, this is simply an example of multiplicity it can’t be completely reflective of the truth. Nevertheless, it may help to get a better idea of it.

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