The Solar System

If you put 1,303,800 Earths together it would amount to the size of the star we call the Sun.

The diameter of the Sun is 1,392,000 km. Its surface heat is 6000 degrees Celsius and towards its core the heat reaches 15 million degrees Celsius. The heights of the solar waves that flare from the surface of the Sun reach 800,000 km. That is, twenty times the size of the earth’s equator.

Solar flares are sudden flashes of increased brightness on the sun. They are usually accompanied by a coronal mass ejection, a significant release of plasma and magnetic field, which effects the Earth causing things like magnetic storms or disruptions to radio frequencies and compasses.

The source of the Sun’s energy is nuclear fusion. 

At the core where temperature and pressure are very high hydrogen atoms fuse into helium atom and release energy, which constantly makes the Sun brighter yet cause the Sun to lose 4 million tons of mass every second. 

The distance of the Sun from the center of the Milky Way is 32,000 light years. It completes its orbit around this center in 225 million years.

So, there you have the Sun…  the ball of fire that circles around a flat earth(!)

Sadly, there are still many primitive beings, even today, who in the guise of humans, operate more like robots, unable to think and contemplate and to go beyond the literal meaning of whatever has been passed down to them. They think the earth was created 6000 years ago and the Sun and the planets and pretty much the whole universe revolves around our flat earth!

So how about the earth? 

Could it really have been created 6000 years ago!?

Let’s have a look…

Using radioactive dating, the age of planet Earth is calculated to be around 4.6 billion years. The core of the earth, which is very dense and contains significant amounts of iron, forms an important magnetic field. The atmosphere allows the formation of life and protects the earth from the harmful rays coming from space that can be fatal for the creatures of Earth. The other factor that contributes to the formation of life is the distance of the earth from the sun. 

The Earth is 149,6 million km away from the Sun. Its diameter (the equator) is 12,756 km. It takes 23 hours and 56 minutes for it to rotate around itself. Its escape velocity is 11,2 km per second and completes its orbit around the Sun in 365,2 days.

How about the other planets in our solar system?

Mercury: 58 million km away from the Sun. Its diameter is 4,880 km and rotates around itself in 58,7 days. Its orbit around the sun takes 88 days. Its mass is 0,055 Earth’s mass and its escape velocity is 4,2 km per second.

Venus: Venus is 108 million 200 thousand km away from the Sun. Its diameter is 12,700 km. Escape velocity is 10,36 km per second. It rotates around itself in 243 days and orbits around the Sun in 224,7 days. The surface gravity on Venus is about 91% of the surface gravity on Earth.

Mars: Distance from the Sun is 227,940 km. Its diameter is 6,790 km. It rotates around itself in 24 hours, 37 minutes and 23 seconds. It orbits around the Sun in 686,89 days. Its mass is 0,11 of Earth’s.

Jupiter:  Its distance from the Sun is 778 million km, a lot more than those mentioned above. Its diameter is 143,000 km and rotates around itself in 9 hours and 51 minutes. Its escape velocity is 60,22 km and rotates around the Sun in 11,86 years. Its mass is 318 times the mass of Earth.

Saturn: Distance from the Sun is 1,427 million km. Its mass is 95 times the mass of Earth and its diameter is 120,000 km. Its escape velocity is 36 km per second. It rotates around itself in 10 hours and 14 minutes and orbits around the Sun in 29,46 years.

Uranus: Distance from the sun is 2 billion 869 million 600 thousand km and completes its orbit around the Sun in 84 years.

Neptune: Distance from the Sun is 4,497 million km and orbits around the Sun in 164,8 years.

Pluto: The furthest planet from the Sun in our system. Its distance is 5,900 million km away and takes 248,5 years to orbit around the Sun.

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